Friday, February 23, 2007

Classical Music

Any one here not able to get their fill of classical music?

I've rediscovered the joys of listening to WQXR, the classical music station in New York City and owned by the New York Times. You can listen to them on line by going here:
then clicking on Media Player (High). That should start the music after 30 seconds or so.

It might bring up Media Player and you might have to click the "Play" triangle.

In case classical music isn't your cup of tea, you can listen to programs of nearly any type, including international radio stations, airport control towers, and police or fire radio from many cities/states/counties.

Wal*Mart Raises Prices

A week or so ago, prices at the Rockport Wal*Mart increased.

Two examples:
  1. Two liter bottle of Sam's Choice soda pop was 59 cents, now 64 cents. Increase: 8+%.
  2. One gallon of skim milk was $3.33, now 3.46. Increase: 3.9%.
The cost of living in paradise is going up!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Excitement on Third Street!

Residents of Third Street were quite excited today, not to mention appreciative, for today was the day that the Williams' trailer, #80, was finally washed!

It's true: it has been a long time a-comin'. But today was the day. And everyone, especially Pat and Keith, are glad that it is over.

The washer appreciates the confidence in his work, as expressed by numerous offers from fellow residents to wash their rigs. However, because it could be construed as being disrespectful of Terry Calhoun's efforts, all offers have been respectfully declined.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Marvin Number One

Written with love in recognition
of Marvin Nagelkerke's 79th birthday anniversary
by Karen Foslien, in collaboration with Terry Calhoun.

There are two "Marvs" at Rockport 35 RV Park. By virtue of his tenure here, this Marv is affectionately known as "Marv" or "Marv Number One" and thus the title of this poem. Of course it has a double meaning!

Marv Nagelkerke
We pay tribute to someone this day,
Who's kind, generous, and true.
He's one you'll have to contemplate,
And hear my words straight through.

You'll guess and know for sure "It's he,"
And grow a simple smile,
For once you've heard my lengthy poem,
You'll linger there a while.

He takes great pride in his homey spot,
As his neighbors too can attest.
He's Johnny-on-the-spot for them,
You'd think he'd never rest.

I like to stand by him in faith,
And sing our hearts delight.
For God flows out in strength and love,
And shines on us, full sight.

He's been know to hit a pawn or two,
And strike a deadly blow.
But if you've received from his thrifty deals,
You'll brag your treasures to show.

His lovely wife's been known to brag,
His many loyal traits.
For she's had the years to reap his love,
I hear, one and fifty they've been mates.

A bud he has that licks his face,
Tiny tail wagging, sweet poochy.
By his name you'd like to take a bite,
No! No! He's really not a cookie.

He's travelled much in his line of work,
To make theatre bottoms comfy.
Just one more job in this little town,
Could bless our tender rumpies.

A Navy man he is for sure,
And sailed the ocean blue.
He served his country and us alike,
All the time ever true.

You really now must make your guess,
We've lingered and had our fun.
No matter where in life he'll press,
In our camp he remains Number One!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Interesting People!

You already know that Rockport 35 RV Park has the nicest folks! Did you also know that they have or had some very interesting occupations? If not, get to know your neighbors and see what they've done. You might be amazed!

Here are a few examples:
  • One couple has managed a casino in Nigeria --that's in Africa!
  • Another served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, and now work in Yellowstone National Park during the summer. (Not even to mention that they lived in Iowa at one time!)
  • Grand Teton National Park is the workplace of another couple.
  • One couple "babysits" a school in Alaska.
  • Another gentleman has been a corporate pilot and also a flight simulator instructor for Northwest Airlines.
  • And yet another is a retired American Airlines pilot.
  • Then there's the farmer from Wisconsin, but that's a whole 'nuther story!
Maybe we should have an evening program of interesting life experiences. Would you attend? Remember the interesting presentation Cindy and Mike gave last year following their teaching experience in China!

Just click on "Comments" below and leave a comment.

"Show and Tell" This Saturday

Saturday, February 17, the park's artists, crafters, and woodcarvers will display their handiwork in the clubhouse from 8 to 12.

Come, look, and ask questions! And plan to join in yourself ---help is available.

This site might also be on display. Certainly it must be art or handicraft, right?

Monday, February 12, 2007

New Look

If you have viewed this site earlier, you'll notice that it has a very different look!

Blogger provides the flexibility of having over a dozen unique "looks" through the use of templates. When you have your own site on Blogger, you select the look you want ---and change it whenever you wish, just by clicking a button.

If you're interested, you can do it; it's easy!

"Daily Paper" for RV 35??

This site could become a great site for residents of the Park to get or share information.

It could become the "daily newspaper" for the Park!

What do you think of this idea? Would you be willing to write articles once in awhile ---maybe about your travels, your jobs, why your dog didn't win at the dog show, ...whatever?

Just click on "Comments" below and share your ideas!

"Lesson Plan" for Today

Today we will list subject or questions which participants have. Some may have "instant" answers. Others may lend themselves to a detailed discussion of interest or use to many attendees. We'll easily be able to make a class session from the subjects listed.

Also, we will see if anyone was interested in or has questions about building their own website or blog. If so, we'll address that sometime after 1:15.

Remember, you can reach me at if you have a question!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Learning Links & Help Great tutorials!

If you have questions, you can e-mail me by clicking here: and I'll help you as I can.


Time to Create

The entire site and these two posts were made in 20 minutes.

Be aware that your mileage may vary.

Welcome to the RV 35 Website Learning Center

Today, February 5, 2007, is the day of the first Build Your Own Website/Blog class here at RV 35.

This site was constructed in a few minutes to serve as an example of what you can do!

By using a site like this, you can easily keep your friends and relatives back home or around the world informed of your activities and travels. And you can put your pictures here, too!

What could be more simple!