Monday, September 29, 2014

Computer Repair Scam; Beware!

by Keith

Computer Repair Scam

[caption id="attachment_692" align="alignright" width="300" class=" "]If you're a victim of computer repair scam, Tech Time can get you going again! Tech Time LLC
Rockport, Texas

Julee forwarded a message which she had received from Tech Time, a computer repair shop in Rockport. Their office is at the caboose at the curve in the highway.

I personally have received two or three phone calls (out of the blue, not because I called them first) which followed the script Tech Time describes. Therefore, I know this sort of computer repair scam can happen.

I agree with every word in the message below. These computer repair scam artists are fairly persistent in their approach so be strong and don't cave in!

They want you to believe they are associated with Microsoft in some way. In all probablility, they are not!

The message below is from Tech Time in Rockport:


Hello, from Tech Time!

Be advised of a virus/scam "Microsoft Technical Support" is flooding web users.

This virus comes to you in the form of popup message on your system, the PopUp Tells You :

1. They are Microsoft Technical Support

2. You could be a victim.

3. They recommend you call them at an 877, 855 or 8##.

4. When you call they ask you questions and gain access to your computer.  They tell you lies and the promise to fix your problem for $$$.

End the end you had only a virus and when you participate they are sticking victims with bills of between $50 and $450 for security smoke and mirrors, or sometimes perpetrating financial fraud that costs far more.

In Addition:

Hang up on anyone who cold-calls offering Windows technical support.

Never believe an Internet pop-up that reports your PC is infected with malware, and, above all.

Don't ever install software from an untrusted source who offers to rid your PC of viruses, perhaps for free.

If people followed those precepts, they'd avoid the hassle and expense of scammers out to make a quick buck.

Cold callers offering tech support advice are scammers.  An example of how these fraudsters operate.

 Scammers Reuse Scripts.

The con artists behind telephone repair scams often reuse the same script, which often begins: "I'm calling from Microsoft. We've had a report from your Internet service provider of serious virus problems from your computer."


I visited with the folks at Tech Time several times while I was at the park. I consider them competent and worthy of your business if you need professional help with your computer when in the area.

Thanks, Julee! Your note might save someone a lot of trouble and a lot of $$$$ by making them aware of this computer repair scam!

First Snow Hits Bulawa Ranch

by Keith

First Snow

[caption id="attachment_679" align="alignright" width="300"]The first snow would have covered this wagon and Sandy't plants. Sandy's Neat Planter![/caption]

The first snow of the season always get the attention of a Winter Texan, usually because they don't want to be anywhere near a first snow!

But this year it came pretty early to Fran and Sandy's little ranch in Wyoming's Black Hills. A couple of weeks ago, they "enjoyed" six or seven inches of the white stuff. Of course it didn't last long, but certainly got their attention.

New Hip Doing Fine

During a phone conversation a few days ago, Fran told me that Sandy underwent hip replacement surgery in June. Everything went well during and following surgery.

In fact, she's so thrilled with the outcome that she's practically a door-to-door salesman for hip replacements now!

Texan Visits Bulawa Ranch

David Enman ventured as far north as Bulawa Ranch, Fran reported. He probably needed someone to play poker with is my guess; he couldn't have gone to a better place!

One of the things I really miss is the Texas Hold 'em games at the park! Playing with Bob, David, Fran, Sandy, and of course Jim, plus others, was always great fun!

Rockport Friends Get Together

[caption id="attachment_664" align="alignright" width="270" class=" "]Rockport friends: Pat & Keith Williams and Dianne & Rick Carlson Left: Pat & Keith Williams
Right: Dianne & Rick Carlson[/caption]

It's been a busy summer. People are so busy that little news has been posted on this site.

It's high time something is posted, so I'll kick it off with what little I know about some Rockport friends and their summer activities.

We know that Rick and Dianne spent about a month in Colorada with fellow Wilderness Oaks guests Jim and Gayle. They had a great time, including a visit with Colorado Bob! (I suspect there were fish stories galore!)

On the way back to Michigan, Rick and Dianne spent a night at the Amana RV Park, which is less than 30 miles from our house. We were thrilled that they let us know so we could get together for dinner.

If you know those two, you know I don't need to say this—but I will anyway: A good time was had by all!

This is long enough for one article, so I'll stop here and put more news of your Rockport friends in other articles.