Sunday, August 28, 2011

Patriot Guards

Thursday Pat and I made what seems like our bi-weekly trip to Minneapolis to attend a funeral. This one was for  a 51-year-old niece of Pat's.

She had been in the Army for a few years, then had received an honorable discharge some years ago for medical reasons. Interestingly, her current job was working for either the Army or the VA, I'm not sure which.

Because she was a veteran, the Patriot Guards were there to show respect for a fallen veteran. These words from their website state their mission:

"Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives:
  1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.
  2. Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors."
This was the first I had observed their presence. It was rather impressive!

There were 15 to 20 members, each holding an American flag and lining the walkways from the parking lot to the church's main entrance. It was a bright sunny day, so the red, white, and blue flags couldn't help but put patriotism in the hearts and minds of those attending.

I appreciated their presence. It provided a nice touch to the service for a departed veteran.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finally: Rain at the Park!

From Allison on Thursday (25th)

We had RAIN today!  It was so wonderful!  I was up cleaning the pool and big drops
started about 8 a.m...growing quickly to a DOWNPOUR.  It was great!  I started to
stay and clean the pool--I was nearly done--but it was raining so hard I couldn't see
the bottom of the pool--so, I called it a morning.  I walked slowly home, just enjoying
feeling the drops--Wonderful.  So far, no mosquitos--but if it keeps raining
they'll probably awake with a vengeance.
Gotta's 5:30 pm and Friendship supper tonight.
Love to you...
God never said the journey would be easy;
but that the arrival will be worthwhile!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rick's Recovery

by Dianne

No pictures just an update. Rick had a partial knee replacement on his left knee this morning. Everything went fine and his pain is being managed. They started exercising his leg with the auto exerciser just a couple of hours after recovery. I'm sure they have a technical name for that piece of equipment, but I don't know what it is, didn't ask. Tomorrow is his birthday and we'll be celebrating that along with his new knee. He sends greetings, as I do, to all our Rockport friends.

Take care friends.


Joe and Carolyn Went Fishing

by Keith and Joe Eger

An email with this picture and complete report of the fishing trip arrived from Joe yesterday.

"Carolyn caught this 14" perch last night, and I got nota."

Thanks for the update, Joe. Looks like you should go fishing again!


Saturday, August 20, 2011


By Dianne

If you haven't tried this seasoning, be's addictive.

To quote our son, Jay, "If you're not cooking with Uncle Bob's, why bother."

Introduced him to Uncle Bob's earlier this year at a backyard cookout. Brought it home with us from Rockport, compliments of Al from the RV park.

Jay liked it so much, we gave it to him. We'll be sure to bring more home with us next time we visit.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Get-together in Michigan

From Bev:

This has been one warm summer, but I'm not complaining.  I love summer.

Thursday I received a call from one of our dear friends in Rockport, Audrey.  She and Al have been in Michigan for the last few months and wanted to meet us for dinner before they leave to go back home. Also with them were Judd and Greta DeYoung from Pullman.  We met at Cracker Barrel and had three great hours of reminiscing about the great times we had spent together for the past fifteen winters at our favorite RV park.

Its just amazing how many friendships you make that will last a life time.  Marv and I cherish them all. Greetings again from Wyoming, Michigan.

We love you all.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is this Inflation or Greed?

by Keith

Pat and her sister Barb just returned from the movie. They excitedly reported that a medium popcorn and two medium drinks cost $17.50!

They chose to "go hungry."

Good for them!

Comment from Dianne:
"I'd say a combination of both. They even charge more if a movie is in 3D.  Family of four (my son's) cost $36 for admission tickets only. I know I'm dating myself, but I do remember when a movie cost 50 cents and may times that was a double feature. We went every Sunday after church.  The good ole days....."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Facebook

by Keith

Joanne Hickman posted this on Facebook:
"Just to let everyone know, Mom passed away Sunday morning. I was with her till the end. I love her & will miss her always."
She would also have been Jim Capehart's Mother. Both families have spent winters at Rockport 35 RV Park.

Our sympathy to her families.


News From The Park

by Allison

We are not burning up down here.  Temp is in the 90's--95 today; but we are so blessed with wonderful breezes.  The evenings and mornings are more than wonderful!  The mid-day is bearable; but shade is a good thing--or air conditioning.  I really feel for those having the high temperatures and no wind.  God has very much blessed us here.  We have not had rain; but again, God has more than blessed us with well-water to keep things alive and fresh.
Several of us went to Wallbanger's in Corpus Christi last night for hamburgers--it was fun and the hamburgers were GREAT!  I saw a testimonial wherein a woman said her 17 year-old son ordered the 3-pound! hamburger--nope! couldn't eat it all.  So, they brought the rest home and fed 4 people for supper!  Well, none of us opted for that huge burger.  1/3 lb is their smallest; but the half-pound is VERY shareable--if you're in the sharing mood.  It was a pleasant night and then several mosied up SPID to Mustang Island--just for the view--and crossed via ferry to Aransas Pass--yes dolphin were playing.  Our car stopped at the "Texas Stop Sign" for Ice cream and then--nearing the park--realized our gas tank was on sniffs.  But, we did get home without incident.  Tony put in 5-gallons gas he had in the shop--you know we'll be filling up soon!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mr. Five Time

by Dianne

Last week Rick golfed in the 24th annual Witucki Open. What is the Witucki Open you ask? Well, it started in the mid 1980's by two buddies, Jim Witucki and Darrell Berry, when 12 working buddies took a half day off work to play golf. They each threw in $5.00 for prize money and the event was born.

Since then it has grown to 28 golfers and has become an annual outing they all look forward to, especially the bragging rights to the champion- ship and their name on the trophy. The inscription on the trophy sums it up this way, "The Witucki Open - Dedicated to Brotherhood and Beer."

Since Rick golfed only a few times this year, he was surprised and speechless (wow, twice this year) when he was awarded the trophy for the lowest net score of 64.

This is the 5th time he won, which I'm sure will result in a lower handicap for him next year. He's OK with that. These guys are like brothers and more than prizes and trophies, they cherish their annual day of golf, fun, and harassing each other. They especially like the harassing part....well the cold beer is great too, I'm told.

Until next August....