Saturday, July 30, 2011

Storm Update

Provided by Allison

We got thimble-full of rain--most here weren't even aware that it rained!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Tropical Storm Don

Submitted by Allison

All is well in Rockport!

We have been watching this system and hoping God will send us all the rain we need--but not one drop more! I remember Helen telling me her Grandfather stood out in his farm and prayed this way--it's a good prayer. I claim it!

We have rolled up awnings and battened down anything that might blow.  No one has left the park due to rain; but some have come in early to ensure getting here before the rain starts. Rain is no deterrent--we all just might get out and dance in it!

We have had a white egret thrilling the folks and walking around the park--they love to eat ghekos--and we have a lot--as you well know.  He was drinking--or maybe looking for fish--in my pond in front of the office.  If it was for fish he was out of luck because the raccoon already beat him to them.  Day before yesterday, we saw the tracks of the puma who lives behind the park.  He probably jumped the fence to drink from the swimming pool.  Tony & Chet put a trough of water north of the park, on the pipeline--but apparently, the animals can't read the signs directing them to it.  Suffice it to say, all of Texan creation is waiting for The Creator to send rain.

Some of you know that, for three years, I have had a wonderful kitchen sink sitting in my bedroom (still in the box) waiting to be put into use in my kitchen.  Two years ago, Tony and Son, Jason began putting down a ceramic tile floor (they were going to do counters, etc).  Well, Jason left and Tony got too busy to do it. And so, my floor remained with the perimeter untiled. Last weekend, my grandson showed up to get my house in order--and it is looking GOOD!

Al & Audrey will be home about August 17,

Pattersons returned last week,

Helen is still in Iowa

Connie & Ron are still in Oregon--occasionally they send me picture or tell me about fun searching the Tidepools--trying to make me homesick for my growing up years--and Connie is have so much fun taking wonderful pictures.

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to a wonderful winter season!

We love you!
God never said the journey would be easy;
but that the arrival will be worthwhile!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Summer That Keeps on Giving

by Dianne

Well, it’s been quite the summer so far. Not the summer we were planning before we left Texas but a good summer, all things considered. We originally put a hold on our trip to Alaska because of the fuel prices, but as it turned out, someone higher up had other plans for us.

I had a GI issue which required surgery and a 4-day hospital stay. We thank God that all went well and I am doing just fine now. The “boys” are happy too that we can again take them for daily walks. This at-home time gave Rick and I a chance to enjoy our flower beds in the backyard and watch our garden grow.

Rick’s dad was hospitalized 3 times. The latest ailment being a stone in his liver duct which put him in the hospital for six days. We believe this problem originated when he was hospitalized in Texas but was just not identified at that time. Again, he is doing fine now and we are thankful.

Not to be left out, and since we weren’t going anywhere, Rick had his painful left knee evaluated and is now scheduled for a partial knee replacement come August 24 – the day before his birthday. He can think of many ways to celebrate, but if you know Rick, you would also know that the hospital would not approve. Although he is not looking forward to surgery, he is preparing for it -- already has a walking cane to get around when he is able.

Our plans now, in addition to canning green beans, tomatoes, and salsa, are to take a long weekend to Kentucky, check out the Bourbon Trail, and enjoy some sampling.

Hope all our winter Texas friends are having a great, healthy summer and enjoying whatever plans you’ve outlined for yourselves.

Take care ~ Rick and Dianne

PS - Lucille is doing great. Of the four of us, she's been the healthiest this summer. Good for her!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Beer for Dave Tonight!

A few weeks ago, David Enman discovered that he had some arteries with reduced flow. Today was the day for a fix. Here's a report from Sonia:

"Dave is resting comfortably this evening at St. David's Hospital.  He had an angioplasty this morning.  Dr. attempted to put in stents but the artery was too narrow.  He is in good spirits and is wishing he could have his five o'clock beer.  He should be home tomorrow morning.  He is still excused from the honey dew chores for another 2 to 3 weeks.

See you all soon,

I didn't realize that you had your own hospital. The fact that you're a saint took me by surprise also.

Our wish for you, Dave, is that you get home and get well SOON!!

Thanks Sonia for the update on Dave.  We're sending bunches of well wishes to you Dave and hope you are feeling better real soon.  We'll have that cold one for you.  Dianne and Rick


Monday, July 18, 2011

Did You Know?

by Dianne

Did you know Armadillos have four babies at a time and all are the same sex? A Giraffe can clean it own ears with it's 21 inch tongue? Rabbits like licorice? Licorice? Will have to test this one. Been unsuccessful in catching a rabbit in our live trap that comes into the back yard via a hole in the fence. We don't mind the rabbit, but he gets the dogs all worked up on a regular basis. Have a great day!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Our granddaughter posted this on Facebook:

"I like that my 3 year old can pick out a pair of shoes at Target and say, "Mommy are these on sale?"
If I say no, she puts them back."

They learn at a young age, don't they!

Dianne C commented:

Good for her. And, hopefully, those lessons will stay with her for a lifetime. Always check the sale and clearance racks first.


Friday, July 15, 2011

"Visiting" Friends Via Skype

This has been a good week! Earlier, I enjoyed a video conversation with Rick and Dianne.

Yesterday, I caught Tom Carl for a lengthy conversation. And today, David called me so we chatted with he and Sonia.

All this in living-color video. And all at NO COST, thanks to Skype.

Skype is a neat application you can download for free at With it, you can make free "calls," either audio or video, to other Skype-equipped users anywhere in the world! For a few bucks, you can make audio calls to any real telephone. That's what I use for my telephone in the winter.

Skype is great for those wanting to keep track of their kids or grandkids who live miles away.

But it's also great for touching base with your friends from Rockport 35 RV Park during the summer months!


One Fisherman Down in Hugo

This report just in from Julee:

"Tom broke his foot July 4th AM getting a cooler down off a shelf in our garage so he had surgery Tuesday last.....they pinned the fracture to stabilize it and due to the area not know for a decent blood supply, the screw is supposed to facilitate quicker healing.....we'll see. He is in the recliner with leg on 3 bed pillows and I am his private nurse so my colon will need to be put on hold as one of us has to be ambulatory!"

Sure hope the freezer is full of fish so you won't starve during Tom's down time.

We're hoping that, with the help of your private nurse, healing will be complete and FAST!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

100-sec Update

From Ione:

Sounds like you're doing really well, Keith.  Glad to hear it and keep doing what the Dr. (and Pat) says.  

And another one:

Keith, in my office I can see a shower, but no file cabinet.
Happy thought; Dick C.

And they keep coming, this one from Julee:

Just wanted to applaud your live report, it was great. I am amazed at what can be done these days.
So glad you are doing well, I know it is not easy. You look good but thin.
(Note: Ten pounds thinner, to be exact.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Did You Know?

by Dianne

Did you know that Tennessee is bordered by 8 states: Alabama, Arkansas, George, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia - more than any other in the U.S.

Tennessee Map
Map used with permission of Maps of World, for which we thank them.

Just a tidbit of info that you could live without but on the other hand is just interesting to know. Watch for more Did You Know facts and feel free to share on any topic, even about yourself. My email is Y'all have a great day!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the Road ...... to Recovery

by Dianne

Surgery was successful, according to my surgeon, and he was pleased with the results. Just had one little glitch -- a difficult time coming out of the anesthetic and blood pressure was so low they could not give me any pain medication. That wasn't a problem for the most part since I was in another world most of that first day anyway. The evening hours were a little more challenging.

I took Keith's advice and brought my own pillow. Had a great bed too that auto adjusted to pressure points on the body for maximum comfort. I survived the pain discomfort, progressed as anticipated, and made the escape. I'm back home with Rick (my round-the-clock care giver) and the boys, Buddy and Bandit. Home, Sweet, Home.

Only restrictions are no lifting of any kind and a soft food diet for this week. My Doctor didn't say anything about restricting my housework activities. An oversight on his part I'm sure. I'll get that clarified next week when I go back for the post-op appointment.

Thanks again Rockport family and friends for your well wishes, cards, and most of all, prayers. Take care, enjoy your summer, and be safe.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

What We Missed

A few days ago, a HUGE drilling rig made its way from the factory at Ingleside to the sea, via the waterway between Port A and Aransas Pass.

A friend who moved from Iowa City to Port A posted some pictures on Facebook. Hopefully, you can see them on my page. I think this will get you there: , then click on Home. (I guess. I still don't understand Facebook.)