Friday, June 28, 2013

Bob Swanson Passed Away

by Keith

Bob Swanson
Christmas Day, 2011
Bob Swanson passed away Thursday, June 27. Bob and Kathy have been active residents of Rockport 35 RV Park for several years.

Their spot near the clubhouse and swimming pool were convenient for Bob, who suffered from lung cancer. He could get to activities with a minimum of exertion. Their location also meant that everyone going to or from activities passed their home, giving a chance for a simple "Hi, Bob!" or a much longer visit.

I remember the strong support Bob gave Kathy regarding her trip to the Philippines (I believe I remembered the location correctly) to learn of her father's activities during WWII. They gave a program on her trip at the clubhouse one evening.

Bob Swanson and Jeanetta Jannsen
Pancake Race, February 21, 2012

Monday, June 24, 2013

Update from Ron and Connie

by Connie, via Keith 

Hello to all of our wonderful Rockport 35 friends!  Wanted to let you know where we are and what we've been doing. We left Rockport on April 2nd and headed to Branson to meet up with Carol and Jerry Bieglow. Then found out that my cousin from Iowa was going to be there at the same time and so we enjoyed time with them at Silver Dollar City. We headed on to Kansas City, Kansas and spent a month visiting with family and friends.

Also I got a couple of painting lessons from my daughter, Pam and jumped into acrylic painting with both feet. Attached are a couple of pictures I've painted from the photographs I've taken. I've got six paintings already. I just love it!  Guess I can't say anything about Ron and his carving.

From there we headed to Livingston, Montana to visit with our friends who we worked for at the Livingston/Paradise Valley KOA.  It is still the most beautiful part of the country for me. Paradise Valley lives up to its name. Also, while we were there, Ron decided he'd like to try bark carving. They had wonderful cottonwood bark at the campground, and Terry said that we were welcome to all we wanted. So we partially stripped a dead cottonwood tree. Now the back of the Jeep is full of cottonwood bark. So guys, he has plenty to share when we get back to Rockport. I've attached the two bark carvings he's done, already giving the first one away to our wonderful campground owner friends. (Well, that's the least he could do after collecting the cottonwood. )  While in Montana, we had to get two new tires for the motorhome and have the front end aligned.  It had a bad vibration that continued to get worse.

 Then on to Oregon. After crossing the Cascade Mountains, we had a blowout on the front left tire on the Jeep while we were towing. The good Lord was looking over us: we made it through the mountains before it happened, we weren't driving the Jeep at the time, we were in town and not driving highway speeds, a man in back of us saw it happen and had us pull over, and then a truck full of young men stopped immediately and changed the tire for us. God is so Great!!

We went to Tillamook for a week to visit the wonderful cheese factory. (We won't need cheese for awhile.) Also other interesting places there. Then we drove down to Bandon on Hwy 101. . We will be here for probably 3 months.  (It hasn't hit 70 yet.)  But it is beautiful and it's good to be back here. Ron's been carving and I've been painting and doing my Swedish weaving.  We found a carving group for Ron and some painting classes for me, so think we'll be busy while we're were here.  We're looking forward to visiting the beach and Old Town Bandon, smoking some more tuna and seeing all of you again in Rockport. Take care, we miss all of you!
Blessings to ya'll!
Ron and Connie  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Princess Kate Flips Pancakes

by Keith

Apparently word of the Great 35RV Pancake Race got to England, as this morning on Good Morning America I saw Princess Kate in a pancake race!

She had just christened  the ship Royal Princess. Then they filled a bit more time by showing clips of her most important outings since she married Prince William. One or two seconds were devoted to her during a pancake race.

Pancake Race at Rockport 35 RV Park
February, 2012
Remember the great times we had at them? People lined the streets to view the process, ably announced by Tom,  blow by exciting blow!

Carole (red blouse) and Ron are among the spectators. Both passed away later last year.

Actually, this event was introduced to the park by Pam, who is originally from England and now lives in Canada with her husband, Prince Geoff. It's therefore entirely possible that Princess Kate knew about Pancake Races even before she read the report of them on this blog.

Princess Pam, trying to win for her team.
Prince Ron, Concentrating!
We had lots of "Princesses and Princes" at Rockport 35 RV Park. Even those who don't enter the pancake races are royalty! To the right, Pam demonstrates proper form, learned during years of practice internationally. She's flipped in three countries, at least: England, Canada, and USA. Who to better learn from!

Here we see Prince Ron in deep concentration, trying to make certain the pancake ends up in the middle of the pan.

This story proves, if nothing else, that you can never tell when a picture will come in handy! That's why I took quite a few. It's good to look through them and remember the times we had with great people.

In fact, I'm going to put two more pictures here—just because I can!

Nurse Bev, the Princess Nurse
Enjoy remembering the great times!

Denins, Our Menace Prince!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Helen Making Her Way Northward

By Helen, via Keith


  • I received this well over a week ago.
  • I didn't post it right away.
  • I ---ah, er--- forgot about it. (Sorry, Helen.)
* * * * * 

Helen Fahlsing here.....started my trek north in my little trailer on Monday May 20.  Spending some time visiting with friends in central TX and will head on to Iowa June 10.  Have reservations at Shady Oaks Campground in Marshalltown IA -- same place as usual, kinda like 'going home!"   Just thought I'd let you know you have until then to get that Iowa weather straightened out! 
This being the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway (and Shady Oaks in right on the old Lincoln Highway) I'm looking forward to the caravan of vintage vehicles making the trip from Times Square in NYC, the starting point of HWY 30.   They just finished loading a freighter in Sweden with vintage cars from around Europe, to make the voyage across the "pond" to join the trip.  Just can't wait to see all of those amazing vehicles.
Hope all is well with you and your family.  Missed you last winter. 
Parked the 5th Wheel in Rockport TX
Forest River Surveyor - my summer home for Iowa!

* * * *

The weather was beautiful today, but I can not take credit for it. 

Helen mentioned the Lincoln Highway. That is US-30 and runs E-W across Iowa, roughly 25 miles north of I-80. It was the way across the country before Interstate highways.

I'm no familiar with the topography of her campground, but it is entirely possible that it might have been flooded. It is near the Iowa River, which was filled to overflowing in that area last week. In any event, it should be ready to welcome Helen when she arrives.

And, Yes, Pat and I are doing fine. And we certainly missed all our friends at Rockport 35 RV Park last winter!