Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Our Friends are Doing What?

Keeping Track of Our Friends

At Wilderness Oaks, it's easy to keep track of our friends during the Winter, when we're all gathered on just a few acres. Then Summer comes and WOOF! we all head back to our home roosts, then branch out from there to anyplace in the country.

Facebook seems to be a better place to keep track of friends than this site, although the hope was that this site would do the trick. As I've spent more time on Facebook than I should, I'll borrow from that site and post a few things regarding our friends and neighbors.

Here we go:

Dick and Lucille have a brand new great-granddaughter. AND celebrated the 60th anniversary of their marriage!!

Linda Lou got cooled off with the ALS ice-water bucket challenge.

[caption id="attachment_633" align="alignright" width="300"]Photo of scenery near Lake City, Colorado, by our friends. Near Lake City, Colorado
Photo by Dianne Carlson[/caption]

Rick/Dianne and Jim/Gail are enjoying a few weeks in Colorado. Rick would say he's "working" his way through the state. I bet they're never more than a mile or two from a fishing stream, as Rick hates long commutes! They've posted some gorgeous pictures! When they get back to the land of decent wi-fi coverage, I'll bet Dianne will post some here.

Tom/Dianne are also wondering around Colorado. Or maybe it's Wyoming, or even Montana?? I think it is they who plan to visit Ron and Connie in Montana, where Connie is Workamping at a KOA. And painting some beautiful pictures while Ron exercises his newly-acquired ham radio license.

Pat and I (Keith) have taken a few "long weekends" and wandered as far north as Duluth, MN. More recently, they were honored by being asked to serve as Grand Marshalls of the parade in Keith's hometown of Lime Springs, Iowa. They're planning a car trip "back East" in September.

Kathy is undergoing treatment for cancer and just celebrated her 70th birthday with a big bash at her new Minnesota home. Helen made it up there, from her summer digs near Marshalltown, Iowa.

Tom/Julee (well, Julee!) keeps us up-to-date with emails. It sounds as if fishing might have decreased this year.

That's about as much as I remember.

And what are you doing? Send me an email or Comment on this so your friends will know. Our friends are interested!