Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Trying Day

I received the following from Pat with her permission to post on the Blog.

by Pat Whitten via Dianne

We had a very trying day the 19th of July also. I had surgery at Loyola that morning. Our son came home the night before to be with his Dad and thankfully everything went smoothly.

This is something I've known would have to happen for many years and had been preparing for since shortly after we got home this spring. Some have heard me talk about my Schwanoma. Well it is now gone!!!! I surprised everyone and came home Monday afternoon. It was a cardiovascular type surgery so it will take some time to get back in the routine. Jim is doing his best, and I am trying not to be impatient.

A big thank you to all who have kept me in their thoughts and prayers. We are still planning on coming back this winter.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Denali in the Morning

We Were Lucky

by Dianne

Last Friday, July 19th around 2:30 pm, we had a severe storm hit our area. Rain was so heavy couldn't see the neighbors house across the street and the winds were so strong it took down a large branch from our tree out front and our power line. Just me and boys were home. Rick was golfing up in AuGres and my son was in Mt. Pleasant with the grandsons baseball tournaments. No power means the sump pump does not work.

OK, Step 1, called Consumers Power and reported power outage and downed line. Step 2, found the generator in the barn, loaded it on the hand cart, got it to the house, couldn't get the cap off to see how much gas was in it, and even if it did, realized I had no clue on how to start it. Step 3 - called husband. He reminded me of the secondary pump he installed a few years ago that is water driven. Switched over to that pump - IT WORKED! We were without power until Saturday night around 9:30. Kept all the necessities running (fridge, freezers, A/C and television) with the generator.

The south end of Bay City was hit hard. Many trees down, homes damaged, siding and roofing blown off, lawn/patio furniture relocated. As I said we were lucky with one branch down - some of our neighbors no so much. And, as of yesterday some were still without power. As far as we know, there were no reports of anyone being hurt and we thank God for that blessing.

If anyone wants to share their summer/family happenings just send your pics (if available) and your message to Keith at or to me at We'll get it on the Blog for you - quick like a bunny. Thanks, take care, and be safe.


Monday, July 22, 2013


Type this into the address line to see the first article of our trip to Alaska:


Monday, July 15, 2013

New Friends / New Friendships

by Dianne

Last week we got a call from Dick and Elaine Leu, from Iowa. They were on their way thru Michigan to visit some of Dick's old stomping grounds and to explore the northern part of the State including Mackinaw Island and the Upper Peninsula. We first met Dick and Elaine this past season when they came to Rockport 35 RV Park for their first stay. We always invite friends to stop and visit if they have the time whenever they may be passing thru our area, and we are thrilled when anyone takes us up on the offer.

Their timing was great. Every 3 years the tall ships come to Bay City and Rick, Elaine and Dick got to see them come into the mouth of the river from the bay, in full sail. I, however, was up river from them at a previously scheduled luncheon date with friends. Missed it. The ships present quite the picture when under full sail, so I'm told--maybe next time.

The guys got a fishing trip in too, even though the waters on the Bay were a little choppy that day. OK, maybe a tad bit more than choppy since one rolling wave knocked Dick out of his seat. In spite of that they did catch 3 keeper walleye. Guess what was cooked on the grill for dinner that night? Mmm, mmm good.

It was a quick 2 days, but time enough to get to know each other better and to have a great time. We have found that there are a lot of nice people who come to the park from Iowa. Dick and Elaine have been added to our growing list of Iowa friends and we look forward to seeing them again this winter.