Monday, September 21, 2009

Rumor Untrue

In case you have heard the rumor that I will be appearing on a popular TV program beginning tonight, I feel compelled to set the record straight.

I will not be appearing on "Dancing With the Stars."

Allison might be, but I will not.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update from Rocky

A week or so ago, I received this update from Rocky, 2nd Street residents. They were late in arriving, you may recall, because on the way to Rockport from Michigan someone ran into the rear of their 5er and totaled it. They finally arrived with a brand new trailer.

Now the update, slightly edited for length:

Hi Keith,

Carol and I are looking forward to our 2,000 mile journey from Northern Michigan to Rockport Texas. The year 2009 has tested our walk in faith with a vengeance. You probably remember our experience of last winter when we arrived in Rockport a month late. (Related above)

Exactly six months later--July 6th, 2009, I took Carol into the emergency room because of severe pains in her abdomen. Subsequent to a Cat-Scan, Ultrasound and several doctors examinations, it was determined that they would have to open her up to do an exploratory surgery because the cause of the discomfort was simply unknown. An OB/GYN did the initial incision and checked all of her female organs and found nothing irregular. Then the other surgeon took over and found that Carol's appendix had grown abnormally and had wrapped itself around her ovary and colon. They removed the appendix and adhesions, kept her in the hospital for three days and then sent her home to recover.

Three weeks later, Carol was experiencing pain in the incision area and we went back to the doctor and they found that she had a Staph infection. Guess what, another 4 to 6 weeks of recovery time.

On July 28th, we had a power outage due to an automobile accident down the road and it created a "brown out" electrical condition and our submersible well pump ceased up. We had to have the old pump, all of the wiring and the pipe removed and an entire new system installed.

As you can see, we have experienced some "Bumps-In-The-Road" during this year of 2009, but we are confident and thankful knowing fully that our Heavenly Father, The Holy Spirit and our Brother Jesus is at our side always. And we are anxiously awaiting our departure date for Rockport, Texas around the first week in January 2010.

That's it for now......Rocky

Through "Him" Everything Is Good!

Another TEA Party Saturday!

If you're at the park or in the area, join Rockport locals at the next TEA (Taxed Enough, Already) Party at the Park. If you aren't in the area, check to see when the next one in your area is and participate! This is one way to get involved in our government and make a difference.

Of course if you are satisfied with the current conditions and are willing to accept whatever comes your way, stay home and prepare to watch the game, go fishing, or whatever, on Saturday.

If you can’t march on Washington

On September 12th


The Rockport 9/12 Conservatives Group

is having a tea party and you are invited!...

Saturday, September 12 · 9:00 a.m.

Rockport 35 RV Park

4851 Hwy 35 N

Local radio talk show host Bob Jones of

1440 EYS will be our guest speaker

Join us and keep the grassroots movement going.


For more information call Don Durand at

361-729-9681 or Jim Little at 361-463-9170

or email:

Introducing Leah Paige Woodrich

Tuesday was an exciting day: we learned the news for which we'd been waiting the better part of nine months! It was a girl!

Little Miss Leah Paige is our second great-granddaughter. She was born Tuesday and we raced to Owatonna, MN, to see her on Wednesday.

Mother, father, and big sister Molly, 16 mo., are doing fine.

She weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces. (I know that is always of great interest to some; why, I'm not sure.)

She has all her visible parts and they all seem to be in fine working order. What a marvelous creation is the human body!

Carlson Update

I know it's late, but hope you'll appreciate this info from Dianne Carlson:

Hi Keith,

Since I was raised in Munger, a little farming community, 11 miles SE of Bay City, I am drawn back each year for the annual potato festival. Potatoes are their major crop. The festival is run by all volunteers from the community and even from those of us who have left but always go back to reconnect with old school mates and friends. It's a fun time.

Rick's garden continues to grow and produce tasty vegetables. We've already canned red beets and green beans and we've been enjoying fresh carrots, radishes, onions, cucumbers. When Rick isn't gardening or working at the golf course, he's out fishing on the bay. This morning he has the twin 14 year old grandkids out for a little walleye fishing.

Dick and Lucille have been managing to keep themselves busy with those necessary little projects that accumulate while away and those maintenance jobs the 5th wheel needs before going back on the road. They've been spending time with their local granddaughter and great grandson stocking up on hugs/kisses (if that's possible) before they head back to Texas in just 2 short months and visiting the out of State grands and greats.

So I guess the answer is "yes" we've all been having an enjoyable summer -- which is going by tooo fast, as always.

Glad to hear you too are having a wonderful summer. Hello to Pat.

Dianne and Rick

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Way Behind

I guess I'm just too busy.

Or is it that I am just too slow?

Anyway, for whatever the reason, I'm way behind. Dianne sent me an update on the Carlson's summer weeks ago. Still not published. Dianne, care to send a current update—I promise I'll do better.

And I have an update from Rocky regarding he and Carol's summer.

And just today, a note from Allison which I'll try to relate.

Anyway, I DO appreciate hearing from you and try to get news I feel your friends and neighbors will be interested in on this site in a timely manner.

A bit of explanation: Four days away from home over the Labor Day weekend, and a brand new great-granddaughter to visit tomorrow do not speed the publishing process.

Artistic Sand Painting

Julee sent a link to this on YouTube. Thanks, Julee!

If you have any appreciation for artistry (drawing, painting, etc.) I urge you to spend the eight-plus minutes to watch it.

In general, it's a story of war. But even if you just concentrate on the unique transitions from one scene to the other, it's worth a watch.