Friday, December 28, 2012

Deer Acres

by Dianne

Quite often, while walking out and about in the park with the boys (Buddy and Bandit), we find ourselves engaged in conversation with other park residents on the same mission. Recently someone asked if we've seen any deer this year in the park area?

Click on picture to enlarge
So, I thought if I was a little more diligent in watching for them during the day that just maybe I could get a picture.  Well, would you believe it, as I was about to shake a rug out back looking toward the laundry building between 3rd and 4th streets, there in the field stood a couple of doe.  Praying they wouldn’t run off, I went in and got the camera.  One either heard or saw me because she picked up her head and looked right at me as I took the picture.  Yup, she was spooked and off they went, just after I got this shot.

Click on picture to enlarge
Also, with the help of Rick’s trail camera we got this picture of the 6-8 point buck who’s been strutting his stuff.  This handsome guy was caught on camera yesterday (12/27 around 5 pm) about 30 yards from our RV. 

Anyway, to answer the question -- yes we see deer, almost daily when paying attention, or with the help of a trail camera.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yes She Did!

by Keith

She sure did! Pat beat me in a game of Eight-ball today!

I won the second game, but only because she beat herself by pocketing the black ball with its magical properties at an inopportune time.

It was nothing I did; she did it all.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Surprising or Interesting Facts

by Keith

The number of U.S. households
that owned televisions
decreased by 1.2 million in 2012!
This info comes from my brand new The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2013which arrived a couple of days ago from Amazon.
And that information is on page 5; only 1003 more pages to go!
It's full of interesting information. For example, if you "want to get away from it all" where should you live? Try Wyoming, with 5.9 people per square mile (Iowa=54.8, New Jersey=1,199.5)

You might ask "Wyoming Bob" if he knows the other 4.9 people who also live in "his" mile-square piece of the Cowboy State.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Same Guy, Same Task---

                                               ---Different Lot

by Keith

You know the annual ritual: I find a shady spot and wax my truck, The Big White Horse. The process takes a couple of days. That's on a good year.

Even though we're not there among you, the ritual continues. Today, the shade was provided by clouds.

The Annual Waxing Ritual
But there's a difference. At Rockport 35 RV Park, I always had rest periods of various lengths. Friends would stop by to visit and, often, offer their car or truck so that I could gain additional practice waxing.

Here, although the park is huge, people aren't walking the streets in the numbers they are at 35 RV. Plus, we've not developed the great network of friends we had back in Rockport.

As a result, I got a lot done this afternoon! But there's still more to do. Maybe another section tomorrow?

Texas Friends

by Keith

Pat and I took a short walk around the block. The picture below jumped into my camera.


Our 35 RV Friends!

Spectacular Christmas Lights

by Keith, with lots of help from YouTube

The folks at Rockport 35 RV Park will enjoy this, I think!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's This Used For?

by Keith

Our adventure for today was going to Don Wes Flea Market, between Donna and Weslaco, TX.

I saw three tools there which I had never seen before and did not know their purpose.

Rockport 35 RV Park has a population of gentlemen who very well might know the intended function of this.   I would not be terribly surprised if one (or more!) of them came up with the answer.

What is this tool used for?

Come up with an answer and either write a "Comment" or send me an email.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Shopping

It's easy to shop at and there are some advantages to doing so:
  • Huge selection of items; much more than just books!
  • Lower prices than many stores!
  • Effortlessly delivered to your doorstep (think big TV set!)
  • Delivered to an address of your choice (think grandkids far away!)
In the interest of full disclosure: if you click on this ad and order from amazon, I'll get a small "advertising fee."

Prayers for Allison

by Tony > Connie > Keith

Yesterday (Sunday, Dec. 9) Allison was taken back to MD Anderson hospital in Houston. Here's a message from late Sunday night:

Tony just called me and Allison is in the emergency room at MD Anderson.  The Dr's initial prognosis is that she has a blood infection.  He's asking for prayers for her.
The motorhome also broke down on them around Blessing, Tx.  He unhooked the Cady and loaded the dogs and got her to the hospital. 
Please pray for Allison. She's very serious. 
And also pray for guidance and comfort for Tony! His responsibilities and stress levels during the last several months have been huge, as they always are when a spouse is critically ill.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


by Keith

Cliff, Rick, Marv
The two gentlemen on either side of the young guy plus their spouses are absent from the Rockport 35 RV Park this year. Oh how they're missed!

Both Cliff and Lois and Marv and Bev have been coming to the park "forever" and have been active participants in activities. Both couples decided that, given their ages (80+) and health conditions and possibilities, it would be prudent to avoid the 1000+ mile trip with their spotless Ford pickups and fifth-wheel trailers this year.

Their absence raises several questions:

Who will become recognized as Cliff's replacement as the most dedicated fisherman? Will it be one of the Toms? One of the Bobs? Jim? Gayle? Rick? Someone else? We'll just have to wait a few months to find out.

And who will be the chief ice cream scooper on Sunday evening? Will Jeanie be crowned the chief, or will she remain the reliable, smiley, assistant—always there, always on time, always willing and always with a big smile?

And will Marv's absence mean the end of at least one beautiful northern-style lawn?

And without Lois, who will make the coffee and bake the goodies for the gang who met at the north end of 2nd street? This is a serious question and one which should be answered quickly!

And who will nurse us back to smiles without Nurse Bev on duty? And who will stretch us back into shape? And do a multitude of other things which makes the social life of the park tick like a Swiss watch?

The park residents, and certainly Pat and I personally, will miss these stalwarts of the community. We recognize and respect their decision to "retire" from the rigors of travelling.

We wish them good health and joy during their life after 35 RV.

But we'll surely miss 'em!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


by Dianne

That’s our Buddy -- dedicated in his attempt at keeping our backyard squirrel free. When he sees a squirrel trespassing on our property, usually on the privacy fence, that’s his call to duty. Now the squirrel has a choice of jumping into one of two dog-free neighbor’s yards, but always chooses the challenge of ours. When Buddy has a squirrel up a tree, he is on guard until the critter makes a break for it no matter what the weather brings and no matter how long he has to stand watch. Last night I had to make him come inside well after dark. Would you believe the squirrel was back first thing this morning? Hmmm, I guess he is dedicated too. Come Monday, he’ll think all his persistence paid off and the crazy old dog finally gave up. Well, let him think what he wants – come Spring, we’ll be back.


Friday, November 30, 2012

Carole Hanson Passed Away

by Dianne

I am sharing this information as I’ve received it so all who knew Carole are informed.  Carole Hanson went to be with her Lord and her husband, Ron.   She passed sometime between Tuesday evening (11/27) and Thursday morning (11/29).  A friend in the park went to check on her yesterday morning after realizing she had not seen Carole all day Wednesday --- finding her still in bed.  Conclusions are that she passed in her sleep.  

Carole was always enthusiastic when it came to planning and preparing any of our special events at the club house, whether it was the Hawaiian Luau, Build-A-Better-Burger, or taking a role as “Clairvoyant” in our Murder Mystery dinner.  

She often took on the responsibility as “shopper” for these occasions and shared her artistic talents and creativity when making table decorations for the festivities. She was a fun lady, a good friend, and had a wonderful sense of humor.  She will be missed greatly by all who knew her.

Any information I receive in regards to a memorial service will be shared. Anyone having information on next of kin that I can post would be appreciated.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Welsh Proverb

by Keith

"To be born privileged is not to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, 
but to be born with music in your soul and poetry in your heart."

This is an old Welsh proverb. 

Certainly it applies to all people, not just the Welsh!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Benefits of the Internet

by Keith

How wonderful is the Internet? Let me tell you two of the ways, both of which I enjoyed today.

For a long time now—so long that you may have experienced it at 35RV—the electric door lock on Pat's door of The Big White Horse failed to work. It would wiggle the hand lever, but appeared to not have enough power to lock or unlock that door.

And for a long time now, I've been thinking, "Gotta fix that!"

Today was the day. But a few days ago, I consulted my trusty repair counselor: Google. I learned this:
  • It's a very common problem on Ford pickups.
  • If you do it yourself, it's a cheap ($0.00) fix; if the dealership does it—a few hundred??
  • Some guys reported doing the first one in about 3 hours; later ones in less than an hour.
  • Kind souls had posted instructions as to the problem and the solution on the /net.
  • Even kinder souls had posted how-to videos!
Armed with this valuable information, I sallied forth, tool box in hand.

I'll simply say that the effort was successful! While it took me five or six hours, there was a bit of football-game watching, some tool setbacks, and a stripped Torx head which indeed slowed me down.

That's the good news. The bad news: the back door on Pat's side appears to need the same treatment. Bummer.

Now to the other joy provided by the Internet. 

I noticed that Rick was on the computer, so called him on Skype. (Another marvelous invention/feature/tool, by the way.) He had just this afternoon returned from the woods, where they apparently have no razors. It was great to talk to and see he and Dianne!

Ahh, the Internet! What a marvelous invention!

Friday, November 9, 2012


by Tom Carl, via Keith

Dianne & Tom Carl
Photo taken May, 2012
Hello, everyone. Just wanted to bring y'all up to date on my health issues.

It's been about 27 months since my bladder cancer diagnosis/surgery and I have been seeing the doctor on an regular basis for follow-up tests, treatments. During the past year, I have been going in every 3 months for cystoscopy's and treatments.

Today I had another cystoscopy and the results were very good. The doctor said everything looks good and he is pleased with the results. I now can move to the next phase, which is having the cystoscopy's at 6 month intervals! That is great news!!!!!!!!

I'm feeling great, except for a few extra pounds that I put on during our recent trip to the southwest. I'll most likely start my diet while in Texas (yeah, right!!).

Hope all is well with y'all; it sure is with me!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless all of you!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Political Commentary

Comment from Julee & Tom on November 9:

Thanks, Keith for speaking up and standing for what we all feel really strongly about. I appreciate you doing that.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful Creatures in the Sea

by Keith

Julee's at it again! She sent me a link to the video below.

This video was taken during dives near Fiji. It shows jillions of God's creatures. Some large, some small, some beautiful, some so ugly that one wonders if even their mother loves them!

But they're all interesting! Take a look:

I love aquariums and this surely beats aquariums! Thanks, Julee!

By the way, if you click the little "box" at the lower right corner of the "black rectangle" the video will expand to full screen! For this video, I recommend that.


Friday, October 26, 2012

This Story is Just Ducky

by Julee, mostly, via Keith

Please start this story by watching this video:

Then read Julee's first-person account here:

True story - Tom and I had spent a week in Canada on the English River system in a cabin built into a hill surrounded by huge tall trees. We are packing up to leave on the last day, I am out on our deck.....I hear this duck quacking. [I knew what it was as I had mallard ducks as pets as a child..yes, I did].

Anyway, I look down 5 or so feet to the ground and sure enough there is the duck. As God is my wittiness, here they come, jumping out of this hole in the tree 40 feet above me.

I am screaming for Tom, I am catching as many as I could. They were not balls of fluff, they felt like kiwi's honestly. I was so scared they would just blow up when they hit the deck, the ground, the picnic table, mercy. One did get stuck head first between two boards on our deck.

 Well, she gathered those that made it and headed for the river, never looked back. Unbelievable.

I know how that guy felt!



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Memorial Service for Ron Hanson

by Allison, via Keith

Ron Hanson
Taken Dec. 24, 2009
Ron Hanson's memorial service:
Friday, October 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Club House. 

Please check at the office for additional details.

If anyone can record the service in MP3 audio format and email it to me, I'll be glad to post it so those who are not now at the park can listen. That way many more can participate in remembering our friend Ron.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

About Those Ads....

by Keith

There are several types of ads displayed on this site. Most are an attempt on my part to derive some income from this site, which is provided at no cost what-so-ever to those interested in Rockport 35 RV Park.

The top ad is an exception. It is provided because I know that several of you like to purchase cards from Connie because they have very attractive pictures and appropriate comments and scripture verses inside. She's done a great job of commenting and selecting scripture to bring the appropriate message in a wide variety of circumstances.

You can never tell when a card from God's Glory Greeting Cards might make a significant difference in the recipient's day, week, month ---or eternity.

The ad immediately below the ad for Connie's Cards is an ad for Amazon. Specifically, it highlights what they consider the best deals of the day. You might not be interested in the specific things on the "deal" but the ad can still be useful.

Once you click on the ad, you'll be taken to Once there, you can go to any page (books, CDs, car parts, whatever). If you purchase anything, I will receive a commission as an "advertising fee." It's fairly small—maybe a dollar on a twenty-dollar book.

But if ten readers each ordered ten bucks worth of products after clicking the ad on this page in a month, I'd get enough to enjoy a meal off the value menu at McDonalds. And in a good month, I could order off the regular menu!

Did you know you can also order big (read expensive!) things from, too? Things like a 42" Vizeo TV! And they'll deliver it to your door!

And then I might be able to have lunch at Charlotte Plummer's!!

By the way, did you know that Amazon publishes reviews of products they offer? If you're searching for a product, you can use to learn what others think of many, many, products.

I use I know you use them, too, as I've seen the boxes with the smile piled up below the mailboxes in the office. Next time, please consider clicking on the amazon ad over there in the right column; I'd appreciate it.

G R E A T News from Allison!

by Allison, via Keith

Here's the message portion of an email I received yesterday from Allison:

Hallelujah time!
Monday's P.E.T. scan showed NO SIGN of DISEASE: LYMPHOMA!
Color us HAPPY!
Everyday I am better and better.
Discovering food allergies and stopping eating those things did wonders for me.
I know the website is down; but I don't have time to deal with it.
We are on our way to Cleveland tomorrow morning to celebrate Tony's Mother's 94th birthday.

I few hours later, an update arrived:

One thing I hadn't thought about in all of this:
I am like a newborn baby!
My bone marrow was WIPED CLEAN!
Therefore, about December 13, when I'm 6 months old,
They will begin to re-introduce to me my childhood immunizations.
'Hopefully, I won't have to have ALL of them?  I don't know.
Last November I got the Shingles vaccine--so, I guess once I've had
the chickenpox immunization they will re-give that.
I don't know; but I DO KNOW I don't want to have either Chickenpox
or Shingles!  Well, for that matter: ANY of the childhood illnesses.
Jesus Christ!
Yesterday, Today & Forever
Hebrews 13:8 

Pat would agree with you: NO ONE wants to get shingles. She's about to enter her third year of suffering from shingles. 

A Simple Way

by Keith

How's this for a simple and easy way to check your headlights and other lights on the front of your car, truck, or 'cycle:

When you're behind someone at a stoplight, turn you lights on and use the rear of the car ahead as a mirror! This works best if you're behind an SUV, station wagon, or pickup because of the large and relatively flat rear panel on those vehicles.

Check high and low beams, running lights, parking lights, and turn signals.

Then when you get home, check the lights visible from the rear the hard way!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Car Repair

by Keith

Some of you still try to do some of your own car repairs, I'm sure. Here's a little tip which might help you.

This company offers car parts and has many videos to watch which might help solve your problem.

On this one, I get no commission. I'm just posting it because it might be helpful.

When the window mechanism on Pat's Buick failed, I saved her over $400 by buying the part I needed from this company. (I'm still trying to collect at least part of that $400, by the way!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Iowa Beauty

by Keith

It's that time of year again, Autumn. It's my favorite time of year. October usually brings warm, sunny, skies and cool nights, some with a touch of frost.

And it brings beautiful leaves, especially in the NE corner of the state. This year, the colors are peaking one to two weeks earlier than normal, I've heard. And they might not be as brilliant as some years, both due to the exceptionally dry summer.

We plan to find out Wednesday, when we drive up and down the hilly, twisty, back roads to Prairie duChien, WI.

The most recent glacier missed the NE corner of Iowa and the SW corner of Wisconsin. Therefore, it didn't smooth out the hills and valleys left, and since eroded, by the next-to-the-last glacier. That leaves all those hills for us to enjoy today! Because of the steepness of the hills, much of the land can not be farmed with corn or beans so grass is grown. That means there can be lots of pastures and cows; dairying is big in the area.

Jordan's Grove Baptist Church
near Central City, Iowa
This picture was taken yesterday, less than 20 miles from home. I spotted this country church from the air several years ago. I've returned at least three times to photograph it from the ground. This is one of my better attempts. Click on it to enlarge it.

And just to prove that I have an eye for color, how about this house in Central City!
Colorful home in Central City, Iowa
Hopefully, I'll have some more pictures of Fall beauty to post after our drive Wednesday.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Making Progress

by Dianne

How's Dick doing? Much better now. He did experience a setback a couple weeks after surgery and ended up in the hospital with a mild case of pneumonia. Pain meds, a wee bit too strong for his needs, kept him bedridden and may have been the culprit for his deterioration in strength. A short stay in Covenant Rehab helped him build up his strength and stamina.

Dick mowing down those "darn ugly garden weeds"
He is working real hard with his daily exercise program and is exhibiting continued improvement. He recently retired his walker to the storage closet, but driving the car/truck is still not allowed. But, what about the John Deere tractor? Now that is a different story. He did feel strong enough to climb on and take it for a little spin around the yard. He even mowed down those "darn ugly garden weeds" which were buggin the heck out of him.

So how's Dick doing? Making progress and getting stronger every day as he continues to focus on, and work toward, his goal of returning to Texas this Fall. He and Lucille are looking forward to seeing ya'll real soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pray for Chloe

by Gayle, via Allison to Keith

Hello Allison and Tony,

I hope my e-mail finds both of you feeling much better and know that our prayers will always be with you.

Allison, our granddaughter, Chloe, will be 9 years old next month. When she was born it was discovered that she had Tetralogy of Fallot. She had open heart surgery at 2 months of age and the 3 defects were corrected. We were told that she would probably need a pulmonary valve replacement before she turned 13.  

Well, she had her routine cardio MRI a couple of months ago and it showed that she now needs that pulmonary valve replacement. We were all hoping she could wait a few more years but that was not to be. Her surgery is scheduled for December 12 and will be done in New York City at Columbia Children’s Hospital  by  Dr. Emile Bacha. He is one of 3 doctors in the US who does this surgery on children. We feel that God chose him to do this surgery! Of course I am writing to you to ask you and all of our friends at RV 35 to  please put Chloe in your prayers. Also I ask you to save us a site as we will stay here for Christmas but if everything goes well we will leave for Texas on December 26 making the trip in 4 days depending on weather.
Please give our love to everyone and may everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas.
God Bless,
Gayle and Jim Clark


Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Week in the Black Hills

by Keith

We've spent a full week in the Black Hills now. Several days were spent parked in the best parking spot in Wyoming: the home of Fran and Sandy Bulawa. No muss, no fuss, just great views and great company!

Red butte is just a few miles from their home. The general landscape in the area is ridges covered with ponderosa pine trees, with irregularly shaped treeless valleys between the ridges. Pat and I find this landscape very beautiful!

Unfortunately, there is a pine bark beatle (or some name like that) which is infesting and killing the pine trees here in the Hills. One local said that in ten years there might be no pine trees in the Hills! What a shame that will be!

On a drive to Newcastle, we came upon a mini forest fire.We watched as a bulldozer carved a firebreak in the grass to contain the fire, as one pine tree burst into flames, and as a firefighter ran to his truck, grabbed the hose, and put the flames on that tree down in seconds.

You can see the fire break just on the near side of the burning tree and heading off to the right and up the hill.

We were glad this fire was contained before it covered more than perhaps an acre or two.

This fire was started when a power pole, rotten at the base, collapsed. Sparks from the wires touching started the fire. This is essentially the same thing which started the fire which threaten Fran and Sandy's homestead earlier this summer.

Another scenic drive through the countryside took us to Roughlock Falls, which is actually in South Dakota. This is near Cheyenne Crossing, where Pat and I went cross-country skiing years ago.

Fran might refer to the object below as "Sandy's old wagon." I guess I'd call it "lawn art" or possibly a "Wyoming Objet d'Art." Whatever one calls it, it is attractive, well placed, and has a wonderful texture for photos.

Sandy, Fran, Pat, Keith
at the end of a wonderful visit.

At the end of our visit, we lined up on the deck for the obligatory photo, looking out toward the ridge behind their house.

Did we enjoy the visit? YES!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short but Sweet

by Dianne

That describes our visit with Judd and Greta DeYoung. We met this charming couple, who we now consider friends, in Texas at Rockport 35 RV Park. Interestingly, Judd and Greta are actually from Michigan. They stopped in Bay City while making their way home from their summer travels, and we are so pleased they were able to spend some time with us. Their visit taught us something about our local area too.

Did you ever have someone come to your town and show you or tell you about something really nice right under your nose? Something you were aware of but never explored until they came to town? For instance, we were always aware of a little campground in Essexville, seven miles NE of us, where we launch the boat occasionally but have never investigated it or its facilities. Judd and Greta did. What a nice little park! Full hook-ups, concrete pads, wide sites, modern bathhouse, nature trails, picnic pavilion, playground, boat launch with direct access to the Saginaw Bay, and all for just $17/night.  Now we know about this gem of a campground right in our own backyard thanks to Judd and Greta.

Here's the address in case anyone might be interested when traveling in our area. Finn Road Campground, 2300 Finn Rd, Essexville, MI 48732-9792. Phone (989)894-0055. Website:

Thanks Judd and Greta for the visit and the scoop on the campground. Be safe as you continue your travels and we'll see you later this year.

Dianne and Rick


Monday, September 3, 2012

Fran Laboring on Labor Day

by Keith

Today is Labor Day.

We are on vacation, so the mere thought of laboring today is offensive. However, our host, Fran, is laboring away! In fact, he was up and on the road at 5:30 this morning!

That labor, in the role of hunter/gatherer, was for naught. He didn't even see an elk.

But later he did see a Dish dish which needed removal. Pat and Sandy are above, solving the world's problems, I suppose.

Fran removing a Dish dish


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Memorial Service for Ron Hanson Set

by Allison, via Keith

Ron has been cremated and his family will be here with Carole and his remains in October.  There is currently to be a Christian Memorial Service held for Ron October 31.  

If you are able to be here at the park to participate it would be wonderful!  The card(s) and gifts of money will be given Carole at that time.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Icons of I-90

by Keith

Thursday we left home for a vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota, our favorite place.

The route was our usual route from home to visit our grandkids in MN, except at Albert Lea, we turned West and got on I-90. That road would be our "home" for about 160 miles in Minnesota, all 412 miles of the road in South Dakota, plus about 19 miles of I-90 in Wyoming.

At Sundance, we left I-90 and turned South, toward Newcastle and our destination for a few days: the home of Fran and Sandy! But that's a story for another time.

The message this time is to show you a little of the beauty of South Dakota as viewed from I-90. Here goes:

Those who have driven the route are familiar with Wall Drug and its signs. Those of you who are not familiar with this icon of the area—well, just come to South Dakota and have the experience for yourself!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Final Part of Colorado Trip

by Gayle via Dianne

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greetings everyone! Fall is in the air. This morning the temp was 39 degrees. Some of the Aspen trees are already starting to turn a golden yellow and the bears are coming down from the high country to find berries. This week there has been as many as 5 bears in town and one scared a tourist who called 911. Of course the local police just laugh and tell people to just ignore them. I was told by a local that berries are very scarce due to the dry weather so the bears are having a hard time putting on the weight they need for hibernation. Store owners expect break-ins to occur anytime as they search for anything that smells good.

In another 3 weeks Lake City will get its first snow and a lot of the local folks will be preparing to leave for the winter. Most of them go to Texas for the winter. I was told that I should stay for Christmas as Lake City turns into a fairy land. I can't do that!!  Where would I catch a Red Fish with all that snow on the ground?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our campground is now off limits to tent campers. Last night a bear knocked down a tent with a lady in it. He clawed her hip but she was able to scare him off without being hurt. One also ate a pound of bacon, brats, milk, and several bars of soap. They are even eating RV sewer hoses at another campground. This morning a biker that was tent camping across the lake was attacked in his tent and hurt bad enough that he was taken by crew to the nearest hospital which is 50 miles away. His injuries  were life threatening.

Bear trappers arrive on site
It did not take long before a deputy arrived at our camper warning us of the bear danger. They quickly closed the campground to tent campers until further notice. This bear will probably be destroyed when they find him.

Cozy cabin for Bob and Grace
Our friends from Denver, Bob and Grace, arrived Sunday afternoon. They are so pleased with the cabin I found for them and were looking forward, so much, to a much needed vacation. Bob has recovered nicely from his shoulder surgery and Grace is doing really well with her beautiful new teeth.

Jim has been the grill master in his outdoor kitchen each afternoon and boy have we been eating high on the hog. The fresh grilled trout, using our friend Rick's recipe, was a real winner with them as they had not had rainbow trout in many years. So far Jim has caught 86 trout. Bob and Grace lived in this county where he was Superintendent of schools for many years. This is their first visit back in over 40 years. Yesterday he took us on a full day trip visiting the places he elk hunted, deer hunted, and fished as a boy and also when he worked here. He is such an amazing person to listen to as he knows so much about the history of Colorado. Bob has never known a stranger and is so quick to share all of his knowledge. Jim and I give Bob all the credit for teaching us how to catch redfish.

Update - on the camper mauled by the bear: We were told he had 700 stitches but then that is 2nd or 3rd hand info.

Yesterday while doing our afternoon sightseeing ride we saw a female moose. We were able to watch her for almost an hour. I think when God made the moose he took all the left over parts from his other animals and made the moose. The female with a calf is probably more dangerous than a bear. Two guys were chased by a female with a calf just last week. They had approached her to get a closer picture. How stupid!!

Our time here in Lake City is quickly coming to a close. Bob and Grace leave on Sunday and we will leave on Monday morning. I am glad to report that we caught 25 mice and 2 packrats during our stay. Jim's fish total is close to 90. We plan to be home by Sept 1st and look forward so much to seeing our family and loving our precious grandchildren.

There is a big favor that I want to ask all of you who have received my logs. Chloe, our beautiful granddaughter, will be having a Pulmonary Valve replacement sometime in the very near future. Please keep here in your prayers and ask God to keep his hands on her surgeon's shoulder.

It has been a pleasure sharing our wonderful trip with all of you. Take care and may God bless each of you.

Gayle, Jim, and Scruffy..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

R.I.P. Ron Hanson

by Allison, via Keith

RON HANSON went HOME to be with the Lord at 10p.m. last night: Monday.

Ron Hanson (Dec 24, 2009)
He received Jesus as his Savior, repented of his sins and ask
Jesus to remember him when He comes in His Kingdom.
Therefore, we can all rejoice with Carole, even as she cries
tears of missing him. 

We have a card for signature at the office
and encourage everyone who would like to make a monetary
donation to send it to the office.  Thank you,

Love you all.
Jesus Christ!
Yesterday, Today & Forever
Hebrews 13:8

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Movie Review

By Connie, via Keith

Connie sent several of her friends a well-written review of the movie 2016: Obama's America.

To set the stage, I'll include, first, the description of the movie supplied by Google on our theater's website:

Immersed in exotic locales across four continents, best selling author Dinesh D'Souza races against time to find answers to Obama's past and reveal where America will be in 2016. During this journey he discovers how Hope and Change became radically misunderstood, and identifies new flashpoints for hot wars in mankind's greatest struggle. The journey moves quickly over the arc of the old colonial empires, into America's empire of liberty, and we see the unfolding realignment of nations and the shape of the global future.

Next is Connie's review:

Hello my friends!  

I've been considering whether or not to send this email and decided I really had to do it.  Ron and I went to see 2016, Obama's America this past Friday here in York, PA.  We had both already read Denish D'Souza's books about Obama's Rage and now Obama's America.  

I totally recomend this movie or either of the books.  They are total eye-openers and give the only explanation of Obama's actions these past 3 1/2 years.  It also explains how a virtual unknown got elected in the first place and why the media doesn't delve into the unanswered questions that are still unanswered today.  

The Dreams From My Father that Obama wrote tells us in his own words that the ideas of his father are now Obama's destiny. Obama's father was very anit-colonial. The colonists such as Great Britan, Israel, and in Obama's mind America, have gone into Third-World countries and stolen their valuable assests. 

Great Britan had colonized Keyna. (Hence the return of Churchill's bust from the White House.) Therefore the colonizers have to pay.  Obama is on a path to spread the wealth of America back to the countries which have been pillaged.  Why does he block oil drilling in our country, but gives millions of dollars to Brazil and Mexico to drill in our gulf.
This movie answers the questions about the Middle East and Israel and why he helps get some dictators out and not others.  He is not a friend to Israel.  Israel has taken land from the Palestinians and are occupying land that does not belong to them. The answers in this movie are the only things that make any sense as far as Obama's actions or lack of action.  His goal is to level America to the same status as other "has-been" countries. 
We saw this movie on opening day, the first showing.  The theater was small, but it was full.  People clapped at the end.  The movie was well done and was just factual, not political.  As it says, "Love him, Hate him, But You Don't Know Him."
Please, if you get the opportunity, see this movie!!!  It will answer so many questions and put some sense behind his actions.  In his thinking, he really thinks he's doing the right thing, but he is not a friend to America or to Israel.  I am frightened to think of 4 more years of Obama.  Although, it won't be the same, it will be worse. 
My comfort is that our God is in control and our security and hope lies in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  In all things, His Will be done!!!!

Comment (Sep 1):

Why are prople so hesitant to admit they like to be well informed?]
Tony & I saw "2012"....the Obama you don't know.
We saw it is Houston.
Sure glad we did.
Can we change any thing?
Sure gonna try
Good on ya, Connie!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What A Wonderful World

by Keith

Every once in awhile, someone tips me off to an absolutely great YouTube video. In this case, the link came from Julee.

This short video would be a great one to watch with little ones of all ages. There's action, there's color, there are animals small and large. What kid couldn't love all that?

Thank you, Julee, and THANK YOU, BBC!

Allison's Progress

by Allison, via Keith

Allison provided a detailed report of her treatment at M.D. Anderson and the results. I've taken the liberty to break it into several paragraphs to make it easier to read here on the blog. kaw

I am so glad to tell you that Tony and I are HOME and SO MUCH better!

My oncologists tell me that the disease I had was unlike any other in that it was all through my body and was both T-cell and B-cell Lymphoma. Therefore, my treatment was unlike anyone elses'.

I was receiving a myriad of high potency chemotherapy. I don't remember all of the names but some were: High Dose Cytarabine (ARA-C' Cytosine Arabinoside, Cytosar-U) infused over 1 hour every 12 hours;Cytarabine (This has additional DepoCyt);etoposide (vepesid, VP16-123)infuse over 3 hous every 12 hours for 8 doses;Carmustine (BCNU, BiCNU)infuses over 2 hours on 4 spaced days;Mwlphalan (L-PAM, Alkeran); This is SOME of them.

Another I don't remember the name but it had Mustard in it and all I could think was "Mustard Gas".  All of these were covered in Aluminum foil from top to bottom and the nurses were gowned, gloved and masked to protect themselves from the toxins, in the event there was a splash or spill accident; but also to protect me from any germs they might bring in with them--my White cells were .0.

Heavy-dose chemo was important so that my stem-cells could be harvested. (Stem-cells are brand new, newborn cells which have not yet been imprinted with any disease markers or characteristics) Then more chemo to wipe out all cells in the bone marrow so that my harvested stem-cells could be re-infused into my system.

My white blood cells were often .0 / platelets less than 9 /and Hemoglobin 7,  So there was a steady stream of Chemo, Blood, platelets. White cells were encouraged to grow with injections into the abdomen of Filgrastim (Neupogen).  As all of these things destroyed my system to eventually make me better, they infused Amoxicillin/Potassium CLA Vulanate;Klor-Kon to replace Potasssium;Magnesium by mouth, my IV, etc.

In the meantime I was taking pain medicine and several other antibiotics like Cipro and other and anti-virals like Valacycovar.All these medicines were fighting against my body and despite being given replacement Potassium and Magnesium I was losing it via diarrhea as fast as they gave it.

All of this created the perfect storm which caused my perfect heart to arrest.  Also, I was attempting to suction myself to bring up some really thick mucous.  As I couldn't breathe I dropped the catheter and Tony handed it to the nurse to get a clean one--which she said she would just as soon as she hung my antibiotics and chemo.

Tony turned around to see me stop breathing and fall backward.  He called to the nurse who (This was told to me: jumped on me and began beating on my chest and yelling for help. Like magic about 20-people arrived.  They de-fibrillated me twice to get my heart started--Tony says when you see this on TV and you see the bofy jerk--it's not the same.  He said I flew up into the air and slammed back onto the bed.)

 Well, the next thing I heard was a doctor telling me, "Allison, we have to shock you two more times."  I said, "Wait, take my rings and watch"--they gave them to Tony, who was there. I didn't know anymore about it.

They cardio-verted me once to get my heart out of V-Tach and int A-fib. Another time to get me out of A-Fib to Normal Sinus Rythm.  Tony texted our Houston boys and Jason was there in time to see the last two shocks.  They had moved me to the emergency room by then.

Chemo types were not given just once; but several times over the course of treatment to get the disease under control and the bone marrow depleted enough of cells so that
It's an amazing procedure.  They chose to use my own cells because the procedure is not as hard on me and because if a problem developed I could have another stem-cell transplant from a donor.  I have two sisters standing by and ready to help--hopefully, they won't have to.

I had the Stem-Cell Transplant on July 13. The Cardiac arrest was on 7/20. My body has been BEAT UP and I was very sick.

Thank God He put Tony into my life.  He stayed with me (leaving only to potty and feed the puppies).  As all of you prayed for me, HE prayed for me, encouraged me, begged me to live.

My esophogus was burned from one end to the other and anything that went in there came out immediately--plus the sluffing off burned tissue.

He cleaned, bathed, creamed and diapered me.  He coaxed me to try to walk, to try to sit in a chair.  He pushed me via wheelchair everywhere I went and encouraged my use of a cane.  If we had any distance to go he used the wheelchair because he said it was to painful for him to walk slow enough to keep up with me!

Two weeks ago, I quit using the wheelchair! Last Sunday, I quit using the cane and bought a wig. For the last 3 days, I have not used a cane!  I walk slow; but steady.

My Oncologists and the cardiologist tell me that people they've seen who have gone through all that I have "...don't walk and they don't talk in full sentences!"

I stop right there and Praise our Great God and remind them that I have SO MANY PRAYERS going up for me!  There is no other explanation.

Love to ALL of you: Family, Friends and people I don't even know who have prayed and are praying for me.  You were constant in prayer--and I am here.

God bless you all,
Jesus Christ!
Yesterday, Today and Forever
Hebrews 13:8

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Finished

by Keith, with photos by David Enman

As you probably remember, we were saddled with various degrees of inconvenience last season by construction on TX 35, which runs right past the park.

The view from the entrance driveway, looking south. Note the center passing lane!

And looking toward the north. Also note the nice blacktopped entrance! Quite and improvement from the mess the construction left us from time-to-time last year, isn't it!

Thanks for the pictures, Dave.

Canadian Visitors

by Dianne

Recently, we had the pleasure of accommodating our newest friends from Canada, Bob and Marie Desforges.  They were on Second and Main streets in the park, next door to Dick and Lucille, and winners of our second annual Not-So-Newlywed Game. As they were making their way to British Columbia, we were pleased they could stay and visit with us for a couple of days.

One point of interest we managed to subject them to was a visit to the world famous Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in nearby Frankenmuth. It has the largest collection of Christmas ornaments you will ever see anywhere.  Neither of us we able to leave without making a purchase. Theirs was purposeful, ours was frivolous.

One of these three objects does not belong in this picture.

It was a short but great visit, great conversation with a great couple. We are so happy they took the time to stop in and we look forward to seeing them again during our next migration season.  To Bob, Marie, and all our traveling Rockport 35 RV Park friends, enjoy and be safe.

Dianne and Rick

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Words Not Necessary

by Dianne via Gayle

You've all heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words."  The following are pictures from Jim and Gayle Clark from their Colorado trip.  I think they speak for themselves.  It appears that they are having a fabulous time celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. 

Gayle and Jim, we too wish you many more wonderful years together as you travel with one another through life's journey.

Be safe. Love you both.

Neat old buildings against the mountain side.

Here's looking at you kid

Are you following me?

Just another big old moose grazing on the hillside.

Love this refreshing pond.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did You Know - - -

by Keith

You can click on pictures posted in articles on this blog. Most will be shown greatly enlarged!

Actually, most (probably all) of the ones Dianne posts will be enlarged. The ones I post, not so much. Maybe I can do better, now that I know about it.

A good place to test this is on the articles by Gayle! The pictures in her articles are great!!! And after you look at the enlarged picture, look down at the bottom to see the other pictures in the same article. Just click on a different one and it will become the enlarged one.

When finished looking at the great pictures, click on the "X" near the upper right corner. That will close the picture layer and take you back to the blog.

Pretty neat, isn't it!

Colorado Trip 2012 Part 3

by Gayle via Dianne

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Greetings from our absolutely beautiful lake side overlook with a temperature this morning of 40 degrees and clear blue skies. It is with great pleasure that I can report a decrease in the mouse population. In the last 5 days only 5 have gone to that big trap up yonder. Now I don’t know about the pack rats. We still have caught only 2 but we are seeing dead ones on the road when we take our hikes.

Our jeep rental started at 5:00 Monday afternoon with a return of 5:00 Tuesday  afternoon. Four wheeling is the only way one can get to so many of the beautiful places in the area. Even though our truck is 4 wheel drive she has a long turning radius making it seem impossible to travel the 3 roads we did Monday and yesterday. Monday afternoon we went to Carson. The distance from the main road was 4 miles and took 1 hour of straight uphill climbing over boulders bigger than basketballs.

Restored buildings in Carson
Carson was an old mining town built in the 1800’s. According to the number of buildings that the Bureau of Land Management have partially restored with new roofs it is hard to imagine how many people lived there. There is only one 2 seater outhouse left standing. The next time we go to town I will Google a search to find out. We also saw a large steam boiler that provided steam to power a huge winch that pulled cars out of the mine loaded with gold, silver, cooper, and who knows, maybe even diamonds.

Powerful old steam engine
Just think about a horse pulling a wagon loaded with all of the heavy equipment and building materials up the road I just described. Now just imagine having to deal with 200+  feet of snow during the winter and also black bears, mountain lions, and other predators. We did see fresh bear track so we made lots of noise. In some areas around Lake City there is still mining going on.

Yesterday our day began at 5am with the temp once again in the low 40’s. Our first destination was the trail head leading to Unconpagre, one of the 14000 foot mountains. This is the mountain that Jim and I climbed to within one mile of the top 2 years ago before weather forced us back. Nellie Creek is the name of the road taking us to the trail head. It is almost as difficult as the one yesterday. The scenery was different with beautiful groves of Aspen trees on both sides of the steep road. Their white trunks were gleaming and their leaves sparkled with the early morning dew in the sunshine. It really did feel like Heaven was looking down on us and I could not speak. We hiked just far enough for me to get a great shot of this beautiful mountain.

Too many sheep to count
From Nellie Creek Road it was on to Engineer Pass, 13500 feet, and what we hoped was a close encounter with at least one sheep and a dog. It took 2 hours to travel the 13 miles with every one of those miles not wide enough for 2 jeeps to pass except at certain pullouts. Even then the jeep on the outside had its tires very close to the edge of a steep drop off to nowhere. When we finally made the last turn to the pass there were sheep as far as we could see. The sheep herder gave us a real interesting talk about his love for his flock of 2000 sheep, 2 Great Perinea’s, and 4 Border Collies. They also had an old canvas tent set up and his wife was serving lamb stew. It was delicious! I took a picture of their “home” and it is enclosed.

Sheep herder's home
Sheep were first brought to the Colorado Plateau in the 1500’s and grazing began in the mid-to-late 1800’s. Our government has put so many regulations on the livestock owner’s ability to protect their sheep from predator attacks that the protection dogs have become an extremely valuable means to reduce predator attacks. Even a domestic dog or a mountain biker is subject to attack if the dog fears his flock is being threatened.
We hated to leave the beauty and flatness of this beautiful plateau where we felt like we were on top of the world.

Ahead of us lay Cinnamon Pass, another 12000 foot pass, followed by all down hill driving on what is called “the shelf road.” Look out roller coaster here we come again! This time we encountered 4 switch backs that would have made our headlights shine in our rear view mirror if it had been dark. Jim did a great job navigating all the challenges this day and we arrived back in the campground at 4:00 giving us an hour to go into town to fuel up with $4.05 regular gas. The price of gas would have been $6.05 per gallon for the jeep owner to fill it up. Lake City has certainly not seen the lower gas prices that we have seen in Virginia.

Today was a laid back day. I did manage to make a run to the bakery where I got some “good stuff” to celebrate yesterday’s successful road trip. 

Thursday, August 09, 2012
Jim finally bought a fishing license yesterday and this morning he caught 20 Rainbow Trout. None were big enough to keep but he had a ball and is still smiling.
Tonight is Bluegrass Music night and then more days filled with fishing, hiking, looking at more beautiful scenery, and just enjoying being with each other and celebrating the start of our 51st  year together. We are so lucky to have each other and such a wonderful family although I am sure they wonder when their parents are going to stop being such free spirits. We hope it won’t be for many more years to come.  

Take care everyone and God Bless,


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catching Up with Dick Carlson

by Dianne

I know some of the Blog readers are aware of Dick's health issues either through email or facebook. For the rest of his Rockport friends and family who don’t have access to either, here’s what has been going on since the last report. 

Dick started his chemo therapy on June 13, via a pill, and was doing quite well with not experiencing any of the negative side effects. However, on July 30 he was admitted to Henry Ford Hospital due to low hemoglobin.  The doctors were very concerned with this unexpected blood loss again.  They were not sure if it was due to his chemo therapy or something else. In addition to getting blood (at last count he has received nearly 70 units so far this year) more tests were scheduled to pinpoint the leak, including something similar to what he previously had while in Texas where they administered a contrast dye and he had to lie still 90 minutes for the detailed scan.  I am not sure what the technical term is for this test. The scan results showed another tumor in the right lobe of his liver.   

A committee of cancer/liver specialists met to determined the course of action.  Their decision was to remove the right lobe of his liver since all his recurring issues were stemming from that area. The surgery was done on Saturday, August 4th and took from 10 am until 6 pm. The procedure included removing the right lobe, reconstructing the bile ducts, and repairing the three hernias.  He was released on Sunday, August 12 and is very happy to be back in his own home and bed. At a follow up visit with his doctors next week, they will assess his progress and determine what plan of action can be implemented and hopefully put this illness into remission.

As you can probably imagine, Dick’s “get up and go got up and went” without him.  He’s a little on the weak side and doesn’t have much of an appetite right now.  Sleep is his best friend.  It’s going to take some time for him to regain his strength and energy level, but he is determined to do just that. After all, he and Lucille have a date with their friends and their 5th wheel down in Texas come October.

Dick and Lucille want to thank everyone for the cards, emails, and phone calls.  They appreciate your friendship and are thankful for your continued prayers. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Colorado Trip 2012 - Part 2

by Gayle via Dianne

It is 1:00 PM mountain time on Saturday, August 04, 2012. We have just finished a 2 mile hike and enjoyed a tossed salad with left over grilled pork chops for lunch. Where in the world did the last month go? There were so many wonderful visits with friends and so many beautiful new places explored.

There are always funny things that happen to us that will bring a smile to our faces for years to come. We always have a great time together and it is a joy to share some of our laughs with friends.

Our first meal in Lake City was hot dogs. Jim was the first to put ketchup on his. When he opened the plastic bottle top ketchup sprayed everywhere. I thought that was the funniest thing until I opened the bottle of mustard and the same thing happened to me. After we stopped laughing and a clean up with dawn dish liquid was done Jim explained the reason for the comedy act. We are at 9240 feet elevation. That builds up pressure in plastic bottles and they blow when opened. I always carry condiments in plastic bottles rather than glass because we travel roads that have rocks as big as footballs or bigger. Guess what! In my storage locker under the sofa there are 3 bottles of chocolate syrup, 2 bottles of mayonnaise, 1 bottle of mustard and 4 bottles of Ranch Dressing. Will they blow too? Lucky for me the bottle of dressing that I opened for our salad today DID NOT BLOW.

Ear muffs here we come!
Have any of you seen the TV show Swamp People? I have never seen as many rednecks making so much money killing alligators in the swamps of Louisiana. There are 2 guys that Jim relates to real well. They are Troy, the boat handler and his partner that shoots the gator. Troy is always telling his partner to “Choot-em”. Well the morning after Jim cleaned 5 traps of 5 mice and laid them all out on a log he went into the camper and returned with his pistol hollering “Choot-em”.  I still laugh when ever I think about it. I am enclosing a picture!

I wish that all of you who are dealing with 90 and 100 degree temps could have been with us yesterday. We were riding in the back country with another couple from our campground. The elevation was 9700 feet. The scenery was spectacular with canyons, green meadows, streams and water falls. The rocks on the canyon walls looked like tinker toys that someone had placed there. They looked like a puff of wind could easily blow them over any time. In some areas rock slides had occurred and it really made you think about what could happen. Later in the afternoon we had our regular afternoon rain. Only this time because we were so high the rain turned to snow. What a sight. Our weather continues to be in the 40’s at night and low 70’s during the day.

On Tuesday night we went to the Lake City Fine Arts Theater where I was hoping to find a little culture for my “trapper Jim”. I am afraid to say that not much rubbed off on him. We did have a wonderful evening being entertained by a very talented couple singing Cowboy songs. A lot of the songs were ones that she wrote. I think she is one of the most talented people I have ever seen. She played the guitar, mandolin, steel guitar, and a concertina.

We will be going there again in 2 weeks to see a Bluegrass show, but I am afraid there will be no culture that night. Tomorrow afternoon the Lake City Community Band is presenting a concert “Baroque to Broadway”. What do you think? Is it possible Jim will come away more refined? After 50 years I don’t think there is a chance.

Next Tuesday will be an exciting day. We have rented a jeep for the day with the other couple that I mentioned. We will take a scenic road called the Alpine Loop over 2 passes which are at 13,000 feet. There we will see sheep herders with huge herds of sheep who spent their summers there grazing before returning to the low country in the fall before the snow begins. A ranger will be there to give a talk about their livelihood and also to tell about the big white dog that lives with the sheep call a Great Perinea’s. This is a beautiful animal. As soon as the pup is taken away from his mother he is placed with the sheep and becomes one of them. His job is to protect his sheep from predators and he will give up his life for them. From there we plan to visit several old mining towns.

Some of you have wondered just how close we are parked to the edge of the cliff. Enclosed is a picture taken from inside looking out the door. Notice the boat just past the top of the tree. Yes, lots of fun things coming up and I am sure there will certainly be another story to tell.

Take care and God Bless, Gayle
Maybe too close for some campers
Terrific view. Note the little boat at the tree top