Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bernie Cox Dies

By Keith, info from Allison

In 2009 and 2010, our next-door neighbors to the north (Site 81) were Bernie and Barbara Cox. They'd don their official motorcycle protective clothing, climb on their Honda, and head out for the day. We enjoyed having them for neighbors.

Allison reported Bernie's passing:

"Barbara said they were dancing at a senior's dance. Bernie said he didn't feel well and collapsed & died of a massive heart attack."

You can contact Barbara here:
Barbara Cox
541 Tremont Ct
Middletown OH 45044


Two Reasons We Go To Minnesota

by Keith

Molly, Pat, and Leah
We try to go to Owatonna, MN, every month or so. Here's the main reason we go: to visit our two great-granddaughters!

We spent Friday night with them. A good time was had by all, especially us!

Molly, 3, is now going to pre-school two mornings each week.

Leah, 2, doesn't have to. She learns everything from Molly—the good and the bad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bev & Marv Delayed

by Keith, from Bev:

Bev & Marv
"Just an update on the Nagerlkerkes. 

We will not be arriving as early as we normally do.  A little medical problem I have to deal with which will require surgery.   Three years ago I had back surgery with three fusions. One of the screws has gone through a nerve causing numbness and pain down my leg and weakness also.  They are going to go in and remove the screw hopefully not damaging the membrane around the spinal fluid.  

 I will still have the numbness but hopefully the pain will be gone. Also I may have a dropped foot, which could require a brace.  I think I can deal with that.   

My surgery is the 14 of November with about three days in the hospital.If everything goes well with whatever rehab I will have to have, and I can ride, we will still be coming.   

God is in control. I would appreciate your prayers. 

Love from the both of us. 

Bev and Marv."


Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Beauty

by Keith

The peak of the leaf beauty has already passed. However, here are the trees I see when I look out my office window.
Fall Beauty in Iowa

Beautiful, aren't they!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Campers

by Keith

Tom and his F-250!
And why would Tom not be happy?? He's sitting in his brand new F-250 Power Stroke pickup!

Tom and Dianne are camping at the CoE park at Thomson, IL, which is about ten miles NE of Clinton, IA. Pat and I took advantage of the nearness (110 miles) and drove over to visit them yesterday.

We missed them last winter, as they remained home in Illinois while Tom underwent medical treatments. I'm thrilled to report that "all is well" according to a recent checkup. They are hopeful that the December checkup will be equally positive. If so, they'll head straight for Rockport 35 RV Park!

Dianne and Tom Carl
Tom and Dianne recently traded their Winnebago motorhome for a Cougar fifth-wheel. They shared the warmth of it on the cold, windy, day.

It was great visiting these helpful and active friends from the Park!

Dianne, Pat, and Tom
The pumpkin pie was good, too!

First comment:
"Tom does not have right leg crossed.  Dick C."
Keith's comment:

Dick probably meant to say, "...correct leg crossed."  
Tom has always been a leader and, even though retired, sees no reason to change. In a few short months, the entire world will be putting their right leg over their left when crossing them.
It's good to see that three weeks in the hospital did not lessen Dick's keen ability to observe! 


Update from Marcus

by Keith, from Marcus:

"I am in the healing process now but I have to endure one more surgery on my hand to add a bone graft on my little finger.  I have two great doctors and hopefully I will be in good shape down the road."


Joe and Carolyn On The Way

by Keith, from Joe:

"We are just about packed and will be heading south this morning and will arrive at Rockport around the 10th of Nov."


Friday, October 14, 2011

Testing a New Feature

by Keith


I hit delete, with the intent of deleting one item. Instead, it deleted all three of my items, including this one.

I'll try it again in a day or two.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Geoff Update

by Keith, from Pam

Geoff is now at home & doing well.

He has a nurse come daily to change dressings etc,has to go to see the surgeon to take out staples & for a check-up on oct 24th.

We are waiting to see the results of two lymph nodes that were removed & praying they will be benign.

Geoff has a problem with not being able to do much around the house-but he's coping!!!!!!!!!!!!& looking forward to travelling south in the new year.

Thinking of our "winter Texans" & praying for all who have had health problems.

Pam Weager


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goeff's Surgery

by Keith (Written by Pam a few days ago, forwarded by Allison, published by Keith)

Hi Folks,

Sorry haven't been in touch for a while-been hectic here.

Geoff  Weager
Taken Feb, 2010
Geoff had his surgery on Thursday 6th & all went well(Praise the Lord) The surgeon managed to save the nerves, he did find two lymph nodes which he removed & has sent to be analized-which we won't have a report for 10-14 days-so we will continue to pray they are benign.

He is now in good spirits and continuing to improve & maybe home Sunday afternoon, we will know more when I visit today-he will have a nurse visit at home for a while & has to have a catheter in for 2 weeks.

I am waiting to go see a cardiologist on Oct 25th as I was having quite a lot of my "spells" as I call them(heart racing)My physician has put me on digoxin in the meanwhile & that and much prayer seems to be working.

How all this will affect us with the medical travel insurance, as yet we don't know-Geoff however says we are coming down anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that would be sometime in January-will keep you informed, as we know.

Hope all is well with you & Tony-will continue to remember you in Prayer.

Did check RV35 blog & have been praying for others.

Please feel free to pass our news along when you can.

I'll keep in touch when able

In Christ's love

Note: Pam's email address is


Marcus in Auto Accident

by Keith, with help from Allison and several others

September 20, Marcus was injured in an accident. Marcus was a Workamper at Rockport 35 RV Park for one or two years a few years ago.

Here's his report:

On date listed I was a passenger in this vehicle.  Somehow I survived with a broken right leg and a badly crushed right hand.  I have to go through two more surgeries next Wednesday.  I move around on a wheelchair cannot use crutches because of my hand.
     I am looking at a long period of time to heal and rehab.  I am typing with my left hand.  Do not expect much email from me.
    The good Lord allowed me my life which I am thankful.
     My spirit is positive and will take one day at a time.

Tundra in which Marcus was injured.

The accident happened September 15 between Fredericksburg and Bandera as Marcus and Dan, owner of the Tundra, were returning from a golf outing.

Marcus was in the front passenger seat and was the most injured, which, given the picture above, is no surprise. The driver was not seriously injured.

An oncoming car was going to hit them. There was no right side of the road so the driver made a hard left turn to avoid a head-on collision. The other car, at the same time, made a hard right turn.

Other photos show that several airbags were deployed upon impact.

We hope that Marcus is able to hang onto his positive spirit and heal quickly and completely.


Friday, October 7, 2011


Earlier this week, I posed this question, a question I have asked several times but have never gotten an answer to:

How do you decide whether to use Seran wrap (or equivalent) or aluminum foil to cover something?

If you're not an engineer, this probably has not been a big issue for you. But for me ---well, you know the story.

I asked for answers, knowing that the Rockport 35 RV Park folks would certainly come through with some. They did!

But when I was posting them, either this website played a horrible trick on me, or I clicked the wrong button. In any event, the entire post was deleted so this is a reconstruction. (Guess which one of those events caused it!)

Here are the responses:

Dianne had this to say:

You are so right, Keith, I’ve never given it a second thought.  Guess it’s just instinct to some extent for women.  Actually, I usually cover leftovers with Saran Wrap that I want Rick to see. This way he can find them easier in the fridge when he wants a little something to munch on when I’m unavailable.  However, foil works best to cover foods I don’t want him to get into, especially desserts – out of sight, out of mind.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Then Rick commented:

Dianne asked me this question. I said use Seran wrap unless you are putting the dish in the oven. I think I got this question right.

I even heard from my buddy out in Oregon. We work together on the Hitchhiker Owners website. (He works, I do the "together" part.) He's a retired fireman. They do the cooking while on duty, so Gary is an expert cook. Leave it to him to come through with a technical answer!

"The answer depends on the food and how you'll reheat it."


What it's best for: If you're refrigerating something smelly, foil creates a stronger barrier to keep odors in. Just be sure to seal as tightly as possible. Foil is also ideal if you'll be reheating the food in a conventional oven, since it can withstand heat.

Tips for using: It's a good idea to wrap a snug layer of foil around plastic-wrapped foods you plan to freeze (like meat in its unopened packaging), because it keeps out oxygen, which causes freezer burn. Definitely don't use it in the microwave, and never wrap acidic foods, like tomatoes and berries, in foil. The acids react with the aluminum, leaving a harmless but unsightly blue residue.


What it's best for: Acidic foods and other fresh foods, like sandwiches and cut produce.

Tip for using: To keep foods such as apples and avocados from turning brown, press the plastic against any exposed surfaces. And when you're using a dry marinade or spice rub, you can speed up the rate of absorption by snugly wrapping the meat between two sheets of plastic wrap. 

There, now we all know! Aren't you glad I 
asked the question! 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dick Carlson - Home, Finally

by Dianne

For those of you who have not heard, Dick Carlson returned home yesterday after a lengthy stay at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit - four weeks actually.

Doctors removed one tumor and a bile duct but were unable to completely remove the second tumor. Pathology reports indicate that the samplings are cancerous.

His doctors from Henry Ford had a meeting to discuss findings and recommended follow up treatment. This report will be forwarded to Dick's family doctor to help in determining the best treatment plan.

At this point, they have not received a "staging" category and do not know when or what type of treatment will be initiated.

Dick welcomes phone calls from his family and winter Texan friends. And, as always, your prayers for his complete recovery are also welcome.


Joe's Boat Sank

I received this email from Joe Eger yesterday:

"Last night we had winds around 60 mph all night as a result the waves came over the transom and down she went."

Here's the evidence:

 Please note that the canvas awning is intact!