Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A White April 11th

"I sure could use one of Dick's back rubs!" Pat said yesterday morning, so you see that we've not forgotten Dick or the rest of you.

Yesterday was Zach Johnson Day here in Cedar Rapids. You may have seen him; he wears a green jacket. He's a local boy who "done good" on the golfer's Pro tour and Sunday won the Masters Tournament. By beating Tiger Woods by two strokes!

Today, it is snowing and already white outside, as I suspect it is for a lot of you. Oh well, it can't last long.

We had a great trip home:
  • Lunched with friends in San Anonio
  • Spent a couple of nights in Del Rio
  • Visited Big Bend National Park (some pictures later)
  • Visited McDonald Observatory
  • Visited friends in Pecos
  • Dodged all the storms in the Midwest
But we haven't forgotten that I still have party pictures to put up for you to enjoy.

First things first, though. So today I will continue working on my income tax.

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