Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hubble Telescope Discoveries

Julee sent a link to some discoveries made by the Hubble telescope. I thought the video very interesting and thought you might, too. That's why it's posted here!

Do you think you're a pretty significant part of the universe? Before you answer, watch the video!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sad News from the Park

Updated 6:30 PM Oct 13

Another icon on Rockport 35 RV Park has passed away. Allison provided this information a few minutes ago:

"I am so sad to tell you that Joe Altobelli died today.
He was having a relatively minor surgery on the prostate and near the end of surgery went into cardiac arrest.

Bonnie asked me to tell everyone, Keith.
Please post this.

Joe was one of Tony's right-hand-men all the years we've been at the park. He always had a big smile and a "Hi!" when you saw him. Sometimes, it was a quick "Hi!" as he whizzed past on his tall perch atop his small-wheeled bike. Joe was always very helpful.

Joe and Bonnie lived near Virginia, MN, when not in Texas.

Bonnie's address:
Bonnie Devescovi
5591 Carriage Dr.
Mt. Iron, MN  55768

This is from the Duluth News Tribune:

"Joseph Anthony Altobelli Jr., 68, passed away in the Virginia Regional Medical Center on Monday, Oct. 11, 2010.
VISITATION: 2 until the 3 p.m. funeral service Friday, Oct. 15, 2010, in Gethsemane Lutheran Church. A private burial will take place at Willow Valley Cemetery in Cook at a later date."

You can read part of the obituary here: http://www.virginiamn.com/articles/2010/10/13/obituaries/doc4cb53bc02298f652871809.txt

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Al Recovering from Surgery

This note was received from Allison today:

Most of you know that Al, since December, has been undergoing Chemo therapy to arrest breast cancer.

Yesterday he had surgery to remove the lump.

It was discovered that the tumor was continuing to grow and invade the muscle of the chest wall & the lymph nodes.

Thus, Al had a radical mastectomy with removal of all of the lymphnodes in the axilla (under the arm on that side).

He will continue with chemotherapy and radiation.

Your prayers to the Lord Jesus for Al and Audrey are in order. Cards will also be appreciated.

Love to you all,


This illness and the treatments certainly must have crimped Al's style. Because he's always very active at the park, his church, the school, and community affairs, having to add "get well" to the very top of his to-do list no doubt frustrated him a bit. But, as Al himself might say, "You gotta do what you gotta do!"

Through this ordeal, Al has continued his positive attitude and determination to win this round.

Thanks to Allison for this information.