Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is....

by Dianne

Former Rockettes? An ad for Nair hair removal? Not exactly. But now that the warm weather is back in Rockport and people are able to soak up some sun .... a bunch of winter Texan friends decided to compare the depth of their tan. So how’s your tan going?


Friday, February 25, 2011

This Park Shines!

By Keith

Not a picture; this is the mirror finish
on the back of Ron's MH!

Ron worked hard for several days to get their motor home in show-car condition. The pictures above and to the right show the results.
Those who have been here a few years know that Keith's truck gets its annual wax job here at Rockport 35 RV Park. And this was the week!

Before coming, he had the wheels rotated. That left what is now the outside of the rear tires covered with brake dust, as you can see in the "before" picture below.

But look what about an hour's worth of elbow grease and a bottle of rust remover did!



Then there's Marv's truck, below. It always looks as if it came right off the showroom floor. It appears to have a perpetual shine!

Marv's Masterpiece

Of course his wheels get attention, too!

Because he lives up in "Ford Country" at the north end of Second Street, I'm sure Marv wants to keep it in pristine condition.

And he does!



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just A Reminder---

By Keith

My friend from Oregon sent me this picture today. I thought I'd post it to remind us all why we are here!

Do You Miss It?
Photo by Gary Thurman, Corvallis, OR


Comment from Dorothy:
"Beautiful picture.  Glad I am not there!!!!"


Monday, February 21, 2011

Dianne's Birthday Celebration!

By Keith

Yesterday was Dianne's birthday!

The Carlson Clan had great plans underway for a surprise recognition of this event in conjunction with Sunday evenining's ice cream social. Plans halted abruptly when an ambulance showed up at Dick's door and took him to the hospital Thursday for a day of test and rest. (Rest in a hospital? Who are you trying to kid.)

Ever the great neighbors, Marv and Bev jumped in, assured Rick that "everything will be taken care of," and charged on. To no one's surprise (well, maybe Dianne's) everything was taken care of and a great celebration was underway.

In fact, it was the best-attended ice cream social in memory! Everyone had a great time wishing Dianne a Happy Birthday and visiting with their friends and neighbors.

Not to mention the great ice cream and cake!

Here's a little slide show of the event: (I suggest not clicking the big arrow in the middle of the picture. Instead, to play the slide show, click the black area at the bottom of the photo, then click the small triangle in the center to start the slide show. To see the slide show at your pace, each time you want to see the next picture click the right arrow at the bottom instead of the triangle.)

 PS: Dick came home the next day and now is resting up from his hospital stay. His stomach and chest pains have abated.

"Jose" Plays Pool

By Keith

Jose has found the pool hall! Here, we see him concentrate fully on a shot. Jose usually wins—when he keeps score!

Top picture, a couple of kibitzers (Definition 1. To look on and offer unwanted, usually meddlesome, advice to others.)  are enjoying the show.


Show & Tell at Rockport 35 RV Park

By Keith

Saturday morning, following our delicious breakfast prepared by Terry and Crew, park residents showed off their handiwork.

Hours and hours of creative activity was on display.



Nice-Morning Activities

By Keith

Here are a few pictures taken around the park last Friday, another one of those beautiful mornings!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Newlywed Game

by Dianne

We did indeed celebrate Valentine’s Day last evening with, I believe, our first ever Newlywed Game. Last night was no exception from any other evening when we have a few or more gathered together – plenty of great food. And with the complimentary responses from those in attendance, it surely could become an annual affair. Kudos to Carol Dietrich, Dorothy Bogue, Rick Carlson (my Valentine), the contestants, and all the helpers.

I have to agree with Keith – he did a great job reporting on how the evening’s program progressed from start to finish. There were several questions that made each couple really think about their answer. After all, each correct answer was awarded points and the couple with the most points would win the game. Keith did not have his camera with him to document the evening’s activities as is his usual format, but I had mine. Unfortunately, I became so engrossed in the game itself, I was neglectful in taking pictures, although I did capture a couple of shots.

As Keith reported, one question/answer in particular “brought the house down.” Although never at a loss for words, Rick can be stopped in his tracks momentarily from time to time, as this picture demonstrates … but he did recover quickly -- something about making sure the doors were locked, maybe adding a security alarm.

Click on this picture for an enlarged view

Our couples proved that no matter how long you are married or how well you think you know each other -- you don't. Regardless, it was a wonderful, funny evening. Thanks to Bob and Kathy Swanson, Geoff and Pam Weager, Dennis and Brenda Christianson, and Marv and Bev Nagelkerke for their great performance as participants. We were all entertained with their choice of answers as they lovingly bantered back and forth with each other.

They didn't win the Newlywed Game, but they are winners in each other's eyes. Just look at this happy, "cute as a bug's ear" couple. As Bev said, "you've got to have a sense of humor to be married to Marv for 56 years."

I apologize for not having a picture of the winning couple - Dennis and Brenda Christianson.


"Newlywed Game" Comes to Rockport 35 RV Park

Last evening, we celebrated Valentine's Day by an episode of Rick Carlson's Newlywed Game.

Rick was out of his fishing regalia and all spiffed up in a sport coat and tie! And a great job he did! Given the contestants, which were selected by lot, it's a good thing the MC was quick of mind and could keep up with them!

Couples selected were Bob and Kathy, Pam and Geof, Marv and Bev, and Dennis and Brenda.

We who know Marv appreciate his dry sense of humor and he didn't let us down last night. His answer to the question "If you could spend a day with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?" Without hesitation, Marv answered, "Dianne!" (Dianne being Rick's wife and across-the-street neighbor of Bev and Marv.)

That brought the house down and necessitated some quick thinking on the part of Rick!

But the show must go on, and so it did.

After both halves, there was a deadlocked score between Bev/Marv and Brenda/Dennis. The latter won with the best answer to a tie-breaker question: How many windows in your house?

Carol, with help from Dorothy, masterminded the program. Based on the applause, they did a great job as everyone enjoyed the evening.

It's entirely possible that Dianne will also publish an article. Hers will no doubt be quite different from this one but entirely appropriate as the program itself brought to light the man/woman differences in memory and perception. I hope you will recognize that the two articles are referring to the same event!


Mark's Magic Tool

Yesterday was the day I chose to install the new shroud on my air conditioner, replacing the one punched full of holes by the hail storm.

As part of the process, I decided to straighten the fins which were deformed by the hail. First, I used my knife; slow going. Then I borrowed a chisel from Gordon; a bit faster.

Then Mark, having watched me struggle for way too long, showed up with a Magic Tool!

Mark's Magic Tool
It'a an "A/C fin comb"—at least that's what I'd call it. Did it work? You bet! Using it saved me at least one hour, possibly more. Better yet, it did a beautiful job, much better than I had been doing without it. In fact, I went over the area I had done without it to make it look better. It did.

There are a couple of cautions to be followed when using it:
  • Make sure you select the proper one of the six "heads"—use the one which exactly matches the spacing of your fins.
  • Make sure you have one and only one fin in each slot. I had two once and it ruined one fin.
Mark said he got it at Harbor Freight, so you know it's not very expensive! But it works! I plan to go to Harbor Freight in a few days and will pick up one or more.

Bottom line: a tool which works as intended. It did a good job and saved a lot of time.

Thanks, Mark!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mexican Dinner, 2011

By Keith

We here at Rockport 35 RV Park eat well and also have a lot of great times together. Our Mexican Dinner event was another one of those times! In a bit over 2 minutes, you can see some of our fun; just click on the arrow!

Acts 2 and 3 of Jose's Adventures were written by Tony and Allison. Act 1, which was presented at the soup and baked potato supper, was written by Stephanie, Pat's granddaughter.

The big question: who will write the next act(s), and what adventure will Jose share with us? Valentine's Day will soon be with us; Carole suggested "Jose Falls in Love!" but I've not been given the script yet.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Weather Texas Style

by Dianne

This past Friday morning (Feb. 4) everyone woke to find that the freezing rain arrived as predicted and everything was coated with ice -- temps were 27* at 5:30 am. This was the type of day where most people would not have ventured out, but of course there were a few exceptions. In all my days of living in a northern state, don't think I've ever tried to ride my bicycle on ice, but I've heard it can be done. Yes, there were a few "adventurous" people that morning. The great thing about wintering in Texas is that even though the cold temps may find us from time to time, it doesn't take long for Mr. Sun to show his face and get things back on track. And he did that just two days later. By Sunday morning the sky was clear, temps were 58 at 7 am and reached into the 70s by early afternoon. It was great to get outside again and socialize with friends throughout the park.

Pat enjoyed the warmth of the sun with a good book and chatted with friends who passed by.

Hershel and Barbara strolled through the park as Linda "scooted" along with them.

And some lounged around soaking up the sun while enjoying the company of fellow campers.

Yes, we do have cooler (ok, sometimes just down right cold) weather while wintering in Texas, but it sure beats what we all left behind in our northern home towns.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Mexican Night Entertainment

The Low-Budget Theatre Troupe will provide entertainment following the Mexican Dinner Monday night.

The Troupe tries to keep their performances not only short but brief. In case they aren't very good, the audience doesn't suffer very long!

With or without the Low-Budget Theatre Troupe, you'll have a good time at the Mexican Dinner! Sign up at the office.


Unusual Pictures

By Keith

The cold weather (about 32°) each of the last two nights produced some views not usually seen here in South Texas.

While it did rain last night, the ice in these pictures is from the sprinkler system.

Two dog walkers, Gordon and Rick, each reported these as potentially beautiful pictures. Keep those news tips comin', folks!


Wood Carver's Show!!

By Keith

Tomorrow and Sunday the area wood carvers will be hosting a show in Aransas Pass. It's at the Civic Center, which can be reached by taking business 35 to Aransas Pass and follow the curve as it turns to the west. Shortly, the Civic Center will appear on the right. It's the big building with all the cars around it!

John, Gordon, and J.W. from Rockport 35 RV Park will be exhibiting their work. (Possibly others from the park, too.)

This is the second year for this show. Last year it was a huge success, having exhibitors from North Texas and also from other states.

It is also a competition for the carvers, with our carvers garnering some nice ribbons last year.

Good Luck, guys!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sweatshirt Queen

By Keith

Each Thursday morning, the ladies of the park get together to do crafty things. One of their projects was turning an inexpensive sweatshirt into an attractive light jacket.

Gelene, The Sweatshirt Queen
Gelene is a pro with a sewing machine and all the tools that go with it. She got the gals hooked on this project. In this photo, another perfectly good sweatshirt has bitten the dust (temporarily) as she cut it right down the middle of the front.

In the photo below, Dianne models a finished project while listening to Pat describe the fine points of some project or other. Possibly even one of the seatshirt/jackets; Pat's made two of them!

Dianne wearing a completed "project jacket"
and Pat describing another project.
Actually, they look pretty neat, don't you think?