Friday, September 23, 2011

Update - Dick Carlson

Dick had surgery on Wednesday and is doing fine. Yes, he has been in the hospital since the last posting (24 days so far). Surgery was postponed because of an infection that needed attention first.

The doctors ended up taking out the bile duct along with the blockage. I understand there are 3 ducts to the liver so this shouldn't be a problem. Now, all that is needed is for everything to be working as it should and for him to regain his strength before being released. Hopefully, the middle next week.

He is up for short walks and that's a good thing. Will keep you posted as to his release.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Audrey Update #1

from Allison on September 13

Al JUST called.
The doctors believe Audrey broke her pelvis and THEN she fell.

The good news is:
The break is clean so no surgery needs be done.

She WILL stay in hospital for 3 days and THEN 6-8 weeks at either
Oak Crest or Gulf Point Plaza.

She will be taught in Physical Therapy to bear weight on her LEFT leg--the opposite side to the fracture. THEN she will be assisted to gradually begin bearing more weight on the right.

They are feeding her today, the NPO sign is down (since no surgery)
and Audrey and Al are feeling better! YEAH!


Show and Sell

from Allison

Notice to Crafters, Woodcarvers, Painters

Join us in hosting a craft sale
Saturday, December 3.
Bring all those beautiful things
you do so well!

We'll be kicking off Christmas—or
for some of you, the 'Holidays'—
Hope you'll join us!

We plan to post flyers at area RV parks
and businesses.

Kathy Swanson
Carol Hanson
Carol Dietrich



Monday, September 12, 2011

The Migration Begins Soon

from Allison

Audrey Steffens fell in her house this morning and broke her pelvis! She is at Christus Spohn to stabilize and then we'll see what they do. This makes me SO sad!

Heard from Helen Fahlsing this afternoon—she'll be rolling in on Friday.

Connie and Ron will be here Oct 1 or 2.

Bob Foslien and Larry and Sherry Lammers will be here somewhere around the 15th.

Richard Burris will be back mid-Oct, as well.

The faithful are gathering ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great News !

By Dianne

I just spoke with Gelene who was so happy to share the great news -- Bob was released from the hospital. Just one day short of a long three week stay. Their son, Chad, and Gelene's brother are on their way to help get them home. They'll take the truck and 5th wheel and Gelene will drive Bob in their car.

Both are looking forward to being back home. As you can only image, they've missed their family and friends a bunch.

Glad to hear this great news. Have a safe trip home, friends.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Dick Carlson's Condition

from Allison

Many of you may know that Dick Carlson has been in hospital because of a 1" tumor at the intersection of the bile duct. Lucille has, of course, been with him and, on Monday, several biopsies were taken to determine if the tumor is malignant.

Many prayers to our Master Physician  have ascended on behalf of Dick and Lucille and their family. The verdict is in and the tumor is NOT malignant!!!


Doctors have inserted a drain to drain off the bile salts which are making Dick yellow and itchy. 

Now, please pray for Dick to regain strength enough to go home where he will build yet more strength of body so he can have surgery to remove this growth.

Pray, too, for Lucille to be strong and held in God's perfect peace.  Lucille has an appointment next week to see a doctor because of severe back pain.  Please keep her lifted up in prayer.

Thanks to all of you prayer warriors. 


God never said the journey would be easy;
but that the arrival will be worthwhile!

8:00 PM Update:

I just talked with Lucille via Skype. She said Dick is already showing improvement from the drainage. He's starting to get his sense of humor back and his arms are getting pink instead of yellow.

The surgery to remove the troublesome tumor is planned for next Wednesday or Friday.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Memorial Service for Donna Lackore

by Keith

To listen to an audio recording of the memorial service, click on the link below. However, I suggest that you right click on the link, then select "Open link in new tab" or "Open link in new window." If you do it that way, you can remain on this page and look at the pictures, as the audio is on a different website.

Click here to hear a recording of the service for Donna Lackore.

The service was at Pilot Knob Lutheran Church, a small, very attractive, church out in the country between Clear lake and Forest City (home of Winnebago Industries). This building is only nine years old. The previous building was burned by an arsonist. It was one of four churches torched within a month in that general area.

Pilot Knob Lutheran Church

One of two display areas with family pictures

Floral tributes from Donna's family

The church was just large enough; six empty chairs!

The altar area

Gene bidding Pat goodbye


Thanks Keith for that very moving service for Donna.

Marv and I spent many winters with both Gene and Donna, and it brought back so many memories of singing in the church services,and other functions we enjoyed doing together.

When the service included the hymn, ''It took a miracle'' I couldn't hold back the tears as I remember the times that Allison and I sang that song.

I also rejoice in knowing that Donna is free and singing that very song.

God is faithful.

Love to you Gene.

Bev and Marv.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Donna's Obituary

by Keith

An article yesterday noted the passing of Donna Lackore, former Winter Texan at Rockport 35 RV Park. Gene and Donna certainly were an active part of park events. Her illness gradually lessened her activities and eventually prevented her and Gene from joining us.

This picture shows Donna and Gene enjoying a dance together during the 2007 St. Patrick's Day party at the park. Whether it was announcing a dog show, constructing a building, or anything else involving the concept of "help," Gene was always there—supported strongly by Donna and vice versa.
Donna and Gene enjoying a dance, March, 2007

Below, the Lackores plus Pat in July, 2008, when they met us for lunch in Clear Lake while we were on our way to visit our family in Minnesota.
Gene, Donna, and Pat (L) July 2008
Here's a link to her obituary:

Gene's address is:
Gene Lackore, 195 W 4th St., Garner, IA  50438

Pat and I are planning to attend the service.

From the Dyers (Step of Faith):

Being human I morn, being a christian I rejoice to hear that such a sweet angel has made a safe journey home. God Bless and watch over all of her family and friends.
Love and prayers
Wayne and Dee.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

---and News From Our Canadian Friends!

from Pam Weager

Sorry to hear the news of Bob & Gelene- Rick too.  We often pray and think of our Rockport friends,

However don't seem to get chance to keep in touch.  This year has been extremely busy & somewhat "different' for us.

Geoff has been diagnosed with "low-grade' prostate cancer and is due for surgery on Oct 6th-this guy is never sick !!!!!!!!!

Please keep him in your prayers as we do all our winter friends.




News Regarding Friends From The Park

from Allison

I am so glad to know that Bob & Gelene and Rick and Dianne are on the greatly improved list.  I list spouses together because when one is ailing the other is greatly affected.


Dick Carlson is in the hospital to determine what is blocking his bile ducts--perhaps they'll know that tomorrow.  Please pray that God will enable doctors to easily deal with this blockage.

Willie Wiese: After bouts of nausea and vomiting, doctors have determined that he has a small aneurism at the aortic arch--not currently of concern.  The greater concern is gallstones--for which surgery is contemplated. Please pray for wisdom.

John Martin is undergoing therapy and wound care for his legs.  Please pray for healing.

Peggy Sutherland is doing therapy to release stricture in her neck, after healing from fracture.

Bob Swanson is finding it more and more difficult to do anything. Please pray for them.

Charlotte Patterson is still struggling with allergies that prevent her from socializing.

Jan Dane is awaiting results from her doctor to determine the next steps to get her on the road to health.

Al & Audrey had a good vacation, it's good having them back, they need ongoing prayers for strength & continued healing for both of them.

We need to pray for Bev's back, leg & foot to get in "line-up" they can return this season

Tony is having a 3rd CAT-scan to monitor spots at the base of his right lung

Thanks, and love to you all!



Donna Lackore Passed Away Sep. 2

from Allison

Donna Lackore went Home to be with Jesus last night: September 2.
She went peacefully with her whole family with her.
Gene said just before she left he prayed with her.
Now, she is standing tall and whole, walking those streets of gold
and worshipping at Jesus' feet!
God never said the journey would be easy;
but that the arrival will be worthwhile!

Service info:

Visitation with the family is at 10 a.m. this Monday (Labor Day)

Service immediately following at:
Pilot Knob Lutheran Church 
(From Garner go north toward Forest City on US-69
Just before Forest City there is a cemetary on the left and a blacktop road that goes right: 330th St
Go 8 miles and church is on the left)

Gene's address:

195 W 4th St
Garner IA 50438


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vacation and Hospital Should not be Used Together

by Dianne

Spoke with Bob and Gelene Logsdon earlier this week and again today with Gelene. Bob is still in the hospital in Elkhart, IN, but is doing much better and hopefully will be released soon. They shared the following story about their vacation.

About ten days ago they headed to the Elkhart, IN area with plans to have a relaxing vacation while having some manufacturer warranty work done on their RV. However, Bob developed severe pain in his lower abdomen to the point that Gelene took him to urgent care. From there he was taken to a local hospital and tests confirmed a bowel obstruction which lead to emergency surgery. That entitled Bob to a week's stay and a yummy liquid diet. I think he prefers the beef broth over vegetable. No, they were not having fun just yet.

To make matters worse, Bob's potassium level dropped to the point that made his heart rate too fast and erratic. A defibrillator was used to regulate the rhythm. That gave the results they expected and he would be released soon - just needed to see how he'd handle soft foods.

Well, not so well at all. Returning abdominal pain puzzled his doctor and it was decided they'd take an exploratory peek to find his new source of pain -- a herniated bowel. So, another procedure was done immediately and Bob is on the mend, again.

And again, they are praying that he will be well enough to be discharged soon. Their plans are to stay at the campground for another week so Bob can regain his strength before hauling the 5th wheel back home.

Bob and Geleen when he was feeling really well!
Not quite the vacation they had planned on when they left, but certainly one they will never forget, I'm sure.

Hey, Bob and Gelene, please know that we all are thinking of you both and praying for Bob's complete, speedy recovery.