Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Visit

by Keith

The last breakfast of the year, and our first breakfast of the season, was great—as usual.

A lively crew of men from the park cook breakfast at the clubhouse each Saturday. The rest of us can enjoy the fruits of their labor for $4.

Today, Rick served as maitre-d'-in-training as Marv had more pressing matters, having arrived just recently.

We enjoyed the meal, then enjoyed visiting with friends for another hour or so! Winter Texans at Rockport 35 RV Park certainly are friendly!

Tom serving scrambled eggs to Pat

A good breakfast, followed by great conversation!
Breakfast is served each Saturday, 7-9 AM. Next week: pancakes!


Friday, December 30, 2011


by Keith

Clearly, I'm not a food critic. To me, food is either Good or Bad.

In the last 74 years, I've had bad food twice—both times back in the 50s. All the other times, the food has been "good." Oh, I like some food better than others, but who am I to say that food at such-and-such a place is Good? Isn't it up to the individual? Each individual's taste may vary.

Nor am I a restaurant critic. But that doesn't stop me from mentioning a couple of our favorite places.

First, there's Pop's up in Lamar. Just cross the bridge, turn right, and it's the place with all the cars parked around it. When we need a good hamburger, we head for Pop's!

Second is Stevie Lew's BBQ Kitchen, just up the road and on the right. There are lots of changes this year, so thought this might be a good place to publish them.

Most importantly, they are back to their one-family operation so are open 10 to 7 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only. (Last year, another family was involved in the operation so they were open six or seven days a week.)

This is a true Mom & Pop operation. Well, Mom & Pop plus 4 kids who are very actively involved in all phases of the operation. It's a neat operation, we think!

The dining room has been redecorated and looks very attractive. (Next time, I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can prove it.)

Besides the regular BBQ fare, they also offer hamburgers, carry-out, and "bulk" meat. And roasted-on-site coffee!

We enjoy going there; you might, too!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Check out Venus!

by Keith

Yesterday, soon after the sun disappeared behind the trees at the back of the park, I looked to the SE and saw a beautiful crescent moon.

Not far below it was a bright object. I thought it was an airliner with the sun glistening off its belly, or perhaps even the International Space Station. I convinced myself it was moving generally south.

Surely it could not be a "star" because it was too light out.

A few minutes later, I checked again. It was still there! It must be a planet!

On the Ch 3 news, later, they commented on the brightness of the planet Venus—located just below the moon.

What I had seen was Venus! You can see it tonight, too! As soon as it gets just a wee bit less light than it is in the late afternoon, take a look.

If you're with youngsters, this would be a great educational opportunity.

Dec 30 ---first comment, from Dianne:

Is that Venus in Blue Jeans?

My Venus in blue jeans
Is ev'rything I hoped she'd be
A teenage goddess from above
And she belongs to me

Just remembering the hit song from 1962


Sunday, December 25, 2011

News from Rocky and Carol

by Rocky, via Keith

Carol Stammer 
"Dear friends,

It saddens our hearts to announce that we are going to stay home for this winter season. There were simply too many elements and concerns to resolve, hence our decision to remain in our beautiful northern Michigan surroundings. We are faithfult visitors of the "Rockport 35 blog so we keep up with the latest news and views from the park, furthermore, many of you keep us up-to-date via texting, phone calls and e-mails. We will truly miss each and every one of you. Mother Nature is toying with us here in Cheboygan, Michigan, it is presently 37 degrees and no snow on the ground......Go Figure. If you guys find that the weather is much too favorable there in Rockport, simply fill some one quart canning jars, insulate the shipping carton and send them too us....."Smile"

Have a Blessed and Spirit filled Christmas and the very best of 2012

Rocky & Carol Stammer"

The above note arrived from Rocky just before our feast today. We're sorry they won't be coming, but understand that sometimes "ya just gotta do what ya gotta do."

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Rocky and Carol, and hope to see you next year.


Dec 26 Comment:

Hi Carol and Rocky

Sorry to hear you will not be able to spend some time in Texas this winter.  We will miss you on 2nd street. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and we wish you a healthy, Happy New Year.  Hopefully next year a trip south will be in your plans.   Take care ~ Dianne and Rick


Christmas at Rockport 35 RV Park

by Keith and Dianne

Christmas is the time of fun, friends, and food here at the park!

Rather than spend a lot of time writing words which you might or might not read, we'll just post lots of pictures which you probably will look at.

The pictures cover the Christmas Eve finger-food dinner and following gift exchange plus the Christmas Feast began at 1PM Christmas day.

Few first-year guests attended these events, so you'll recognize most of the faces as friends from the past. But there are many of the latter which you won't see. Some have not yet arrived (Tom and Dianne, Marv and Bev, for example), others have left to be with friends or family for Christmas (Bob, Terry and Linda for two), and some will, unfortunately, not be coming (Rocky just advised that he and Carol will remain in Michigan.)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


by Keith

We arrived yesterday, in time to get set up by noon.

It's great to be greeted by friends we've made over the previous six winters we've spent here. And we've already made some new ones this year!

Pat and the apple fritter!
So, it's time to celebrate, for lots of reasons:

  • We've arrived safely.
  • We have friends!
  • It is Christmas Eve, the
    greatest reason for
    celebration ever!
Oh yes, one more reason: There was ONE apple fritter left at the Rockport Bakery! 

We're treating ourselves in celebration.

We'll probably do it again when Tom & Dianne and Marv & Bev arrive after Christmas. Surely their arrivals will be reason to celebrate as both have been delayed by health issues.


Thursday, December 22, 2011


by Dianne

A new word for your vocabulary -- I was compelled to share.

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society lest likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Headed Toward Rockport 35 RV Park Today

by Keith, from Dale

This note from Dale and Tootie yesterday:
"Tootie and I plan to leave home for Texas Monday 12-19-11.
We'll take our time. May be at Rockport 35 Friday or Sat.
Dale & Tootie Facile"

They were our neighbors last year, living immediately N of Mimi.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

See, I Really Am Working!

Some may think that we are here in Alabama just to enjoy the mid-70s temperature. But we really are working. Here's proof:

"Driving" the 7.5" gauge train

Aerial view of Wales West RV Park & Light Railway
The above picture shows where we are. It's near Silverhill, Alababma.

Welsh flag flying over Wales West
One guest is doing his patriotic duty and flying the flag of Wales. Guess who?

We'll leave here Tuesday and arrive at Rockport 35 RV Park Friday. At least that is Plan A. It'll be good to see you ---and enjoy those great Saturday morning breakfasts!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

All Roads Lead to Rockport 35 RV Park

by Keith, with help

"We are in Dallas, Still on our way to Rockport.  Hope its warmer in Rockport than it has been here in Dallas.  But Dallas is better than Minnesota.  We should be there about Dec 16th or about.  Looking forward to seeing all our friends from last year."

Honestly, I'm not sure who sent the above note! My guess is that it is from Dale and Tootie, our across-the-street neighbors (next to Mimi) last year.

That's probably a sign that I should start learning last names instead of just first names. The truth is, I'm thrilled if I can remember first names and don't want to have that ability go by the wayside by complicating the process by adding last names.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Readership Picking Up!

by Keith

When I checked the statistics for this site tonight, it was obvious that the number of visitors to the site has been on a steady increase for the last few weeks. I suspects that is because more and more people are either showing up at Rockport 35 RV Park or are getting ready to leave home for the park.

Or maybe they're just anxiously awaiting the passage of Christmas so they can leave soon after and want to get a small sample of what's going on, hoping it will satisfy their appetite at least a bit. (I suspect Tom and Dianne might be in this category!)

I'm thankful for each and every visitor to the site! I'm especially thankful that there are a good number of visitors even though the news which has been posted of late is little and not very frequent.

Part of my excuse the last couple of weeks is that our wi-fi service here in Alabama is far from ideal. They've not made the investment Allison and Tony made at Rockport 35 RV Park to provide a top-notch wi-fi system to the park.

The good news is that I increased it's reliability for my use greatly last night. A few tricks from an old radio guy made great improvements.

Of course those of you on-site can always email news to me. Better yet, I suspect Dianne is there now, or soon will be. She's a great reporter; put her to work!

With the help of you and Dianne, the viewership will continue to increase!

By the way, Pat and I will be there by Christmas!


Monday, Dec 12, update:

My suspicion has been confirmed to be incorrect!  Rick and Dianne haven't yet arrived, but are getting closer day by day. They enjoyed a few well-spent days in Granbury, visiting friends including Willie and Betty. They also plan to spend some time in San Antonio enroute to Rockport 35 RV Park.

The bottom line: neither of us are there yet, but the time of our arrival is drawing nigh! See you soon.



Visiting with Friends

by Dianne

Well we made it to Texas and our first stop was Granbury to visit with friends who used to reside at Rockport 35 RV Park - Willie and Betty Weiss. You may remember Betty as the park's resident Mahjong pro. Betty now lives in a 2 bedroom senior apartment complex here in Granbury. She had homemade brownies waiting for us when we arrived Friday night -- yummy. By the way, Betty is doing great.

Willie is staying at a long-term care facility. We met Betty there today and visited with Willie for awhile before we all went out for lunch. After our lunch we continued our visit back at Betty's reminiscing with her and Willie about great times from their past when they used to travel the country on their motorcycle and other great stories from their earlier retirement years.

Willie, too, is doing great. However, he did express a sadness about the fact that their lives have taken this unexpected turn, but he is accepting of it and they continue to share a happy, loving life. They send their well wishes to all their friends at Rockport 35 RV Park. We wish them the best and are so glad to have had the time to visit with them. Merry Christmas dear friends, our prayers are with you both.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where's the Warmth???

by Dianne

Just a quick note to let you all know that we left home at 9:30 this morning at 35 degrees. At 7:30 tonight we're in Terre Haute IN at a KOA and it's 31. I guess going south doesn't always equate to warmer weather. But just one degree would have made us feel so much better. Hopefully, tomorrow!!!

Note by Keith, Thursday morning:

Not here! It was 30* in Mobile this morning, and 33* on my thermometer.

The warmth is probably in Rockport! We'll find out soon!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Different View Of Santa

by Kirk Wood, via Keith

Kirk and Pam Wood have been friends of ours ever since we were all Workampers at a county park near Monterey, California. Their first gig as Workampers was at Fulton Mansion, a few years before we met them.

Kirk is active on some RV forums and has written articles for Escapees magazine. This article was posted on Facebook, so some might have already seen it. It's posted here with his permission.

Kirk grew up in rural Kansas, a few years after I grew up in rural Iowa. While I never had the same feeling toward Santa as he expresses, I can certainly understand it. And I can remember getting one major toy, plus some stocking stuffers for Christmas.

"Am I the only one here who does not really like the Santa Claus tradition?...  

What I remember from the days that I believed in this was that we were poor so I really depended upon Santa to bring me some nice thing like all of my friends got. Since my friends were all from families with reasonably good incomes, they got some wonderful things each year which I could only dream of. 

The year that I remember best, I started very early to work hard at being one of the nicest, best behaved, of all the children on his list! I think that I must have been about 6 years old at the time and while not perfect, I came pretty close for a small boy. Imagine my disappointment on Christmas morning, when I received my usual one small toy, new socks and a shirt. It was then that I concluded that for some reason Santa did not like me as well as he did all of my friends. That was the last year that I ever considered Christmas a good time of year. Fortunately it was not much later that I discovered the truth about Santa Claus and where presents actually came from, to my great relief. It was much easier to deal with being poor, than to think that Santa doesn't like me!

As far as I am concerned, Santa Claus as it is practiced in our country is a nasty tradition that by design makes the poor children feel even worse. Imagine how they must feel having to return to school and compare what gifts they got from Santa to those of their classmates! I could tell Santa what he should do with his list!

Christmas was, and should be a religious holiday which was given as much to the poor as to the wealthy. At my house, Santa Claus is not welcome!

Thanks for sharing, Kirk.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let It Snow ---back home!

Pat enjoying Alabama
Finally all the routine doctor and dentist appointments were completed on November 15 and we were on the road at 7:20 the 16th.

Our first destination: Wales West RV Park and Light Railway near Silverhill, Alabama. We arrived there 4:30 the second day out. It was the easiest trip south ever. Great weather, including no headwind, and no huge cities to traverse made the drive pretty pleasant.

So now we are all set up at our new spot. And eager to explore the area. We note that there is a battleship in Mobile Bay calling us to visit it. And of course we must hit the Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola!

I'll be Workamping here for a month. Then we'll head further south—to Rockport 35 RV Park, of course—to spend Christmas and the next three months with the friends we've met and enjoyed there the past six years.

Actually, we met 35 RV friends here! Mike and Joy spent one winter at the park, a few winters ago. Then they headed off to Iowa to Workamp at Adventureland. Now they have "graduated" to running a CoE campground in Tennessee and are wintering here this year. It's much nearer to relatives with ailments than Rockport is.

Mike, Joy, Pat, Keith
This park is actually a mini theme park, the subject being narrow-gauge railways. They have a 2' gauge system and a 7.5" gauge system. The larger has a steam engine!

If I'm really lucky, I might become a real engineer during our stay!


Where've You Been, Keith?

I've been accused of not being very visible on my home-town blog. Of course those who read this blog are far to polite to make such a comment.

But it is true; I've not been writing much for some weeks. Why??

Well, certainly and thankfully not because I am not feeling well! I feel great, sleep well, and have had NO complications from the stomach surgery back in June. As far as I'm concerned, I'm fully recovered and that problem is fixed.

And it isn't because I've been working too much. But I did have a flight student in late September and early October who had lots of hours and no license. I worked with her for a couple of weeks; problem solved. She's now a Private Pilot and my record remains intact: NO failures with the examiner.

So what was I doing?? Well, first of all, I'm retired. Most of you know that it takes retired folks longer to do anything than it does busy, working, people.

And we did take one day off to meet Tom and Dianne for lunch and a tour of their new 5er. But that absolutely was NOT time wasted. Besides, I duly reported it right here in this blog.

We were anxiously awaiting this trip, so we were "getting ready" for a few weeks.

Hey, know what? There is no way that I can logically explain how "busy" I was and didn't have time to write.  Maybe I just needed a little break, or some material; who knows.

But the winter season is now upon us. Perhaps I'll do better, with your help.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the Road with Good News

by Dianne

A little update on Dick and Lucille. Dick had his follow-up CT scan and blood test this past Tuesday and the results are all good. The doctor called them on Wednesday and said she has never seen anything like this before, but then she said, she isn't God. The two tumors in his liver appear to be gone and there are no signs of any cancer in his blood. We thank God for the touch of his healing hands.

So on Thursday they hooked up the 5th wheel and headed out for Rockport. Talked with them this morning (Saturday) and they are in the Baton Rouge area. They said "we're not going to rush, going to take our time" but from the distance they've covered already we think our definitions of "not rushing" are totally different.

We pray for their continued safe travels and look forward to joining them in a few weeks.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Surgery for Bev

by Dianne

For those of you who may not have heard, Bev Nagelkerke had surgery yesterday to remove a screw from a previous back surgery that was pressing on a nerve causing pain in her right leg. Marv said the surgery was a success and Bev is doing well and resting. At this point they're not sure if there will be any negative effects to the nerve area but they are hopeful it will relieve her leg pain. They actually took out 2 screws and according to Marv they resembled lag screws about 2 inches long -- stainless steel of course.

I've heard of lag screws but not sure if I'd recognize one so I Googled it. The definition I found -- lag screw - a heavy woodscrew with a square or hexagonal head that is driven in with a wrench. All I can say is OUCH!!

Bev, we're glad to hear you're surgery went well and that you are doing OK. We are wishing you a complete, speedy recovery with no negative results and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carlsons are Busy

by Keith, from Dianne

"Thought after my daughters wedding that things would settle down but that is not the case.  I love having the kids and grand kids just 4 miles from us since it allows us to be such a big part of their lives and keeps me busy. Up at 6 to get the young ones ready for school so they don't have to go to day care before school starts, picking them up after school until dad can get them after work.  They have soooo much energy.  Doctor, dentist appts -- Mimi's taxi service is on the go.  Outdoor fall projects to finish up with the yard/garden.  
Had a strong wind storm that took shingles off the 14 yr old roof - found a close match and my brother did the repairs. He's a jack-of-all-trades. 
Now it's packing time for the RV and getting ready for Christmas. Ours is Dec. 3rd and we'll be heading for TX the following week.  Looking forward to that. 
Got a question....  Do you have a picture of Bernie Cox?  (Sadly, I do not. Sorry. Keith) We remember the couple who rode motorcycles but just cannot recall their faces. Just wondering. 

Dianne Thought you might enjoy this video:

Keith's comment:

I've watched two extreme videos this morning. The one above shows the natural beauty of the California shore and of some of God's neat creations.

The other was of a robot, man made, actually riding a bicycle! Now that was a challenge! And would you believe that it was done by the Japanese?


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Party Well, Early Arrivees!

by Keith

We who haven't hit the road yet will simply miss out on the Welcome Back party. It's this Saturday at six.

Some parts of Iowa had a bit of snow yesterday, so Helen missed out on that. But sooner or later, it is bound to come. We hope we're not here on that special day!

So to those already there, party well and have an extra sip of punch for the rest of us!

We'll be there by Christmas!


Rockport Judge Makes National TV

by Keith

Today and tonight, "a Texas judge" was shown on TV disciplining his daughter with a belt or something like a belt. I saw it on the ABC Nightly News at 5:30.

I noticed that the building in the background had the sign "Aransas County Annex" or something close to that. I go past that building every Sunday when at Rockport 35 RV Park!

Google, of course, to the rescue! The judge and his family (who don't live together now) are from Rockport.

Here's one of many, many, many, articles on the story:


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: An Explanation and Solution

Do you understand what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about? I don't either.

I thought it was just a bunch of folks who were against everything, and they concluded that corporations represented "everything" so that's what they were protesting.

Here's a 3 1/2 minute video in which one person gives his view. Better yet, he offers a solution!

Learn and Enjoy!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bernie Cox Dies

By Keith, info from Allison

In 2009 and 2010, our next-door neighbors to the north (Site 81) were Bernie and Barbara Cox. They'd don their official motorcycle protective clothing, climb on their Honda, and head out for the day. We enjoyed having them for neighbors.

Allison reported Bernie's passing:

"Barbara said they were dancing at a senior's dance. Bernie said he didn't feel well and collapsed & died of a massive heart attack."

You can contact Barbara here:
Barbara Cox
541 Tremont Ct
Middletown OH 45044


Two Reasons We Go To Minnesota

by Keith

Molly, Pat, and Leah
We try to go to Owatonna, MN, every month or so. Here's the main reason we go: to visit our two great-granddaughters!

We spent Friday night with them. A good time was had by all, especially us!

Molly, 3, is now going to pre-school two mornings each week.

Leah, 2, doesn't have to. She learns everything from Molly—the good and the bad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bev & Marv Delayed

by Keith, from Bev:

Bev & Marv
"Just an update on the Nagerlkerkes. 

We will not be arriving as early as we normally do.  A little medical problem I have to deal with which will require surgery.   Three years ago I had back surgery with three fusions. One of the screws has gone through a nerve causing numbness and pain down my leg and weakness also.  They are going to go in and remove the screw hopefully not damaging the membrane around the spinal fluid.  

 I will still have the numbness but hopefully the pain will be gone. Also I may have a dropped foot, which could require a brace.  I think I can deal with that.   

My surgery is the 14 of November with about three days in the hospital.If everything goes well with whatever rehab I will have to have, and I can ride, we will still be coming.   

God is in control. I would appreciate your prayers. 

Love from the both of us. 

Bev and Marv."


Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Beauty

by Keith

The peak of the leaf beauty has already passed. However, here are the trees I see when I look out my office window.
Fall Beauty in Iowa

Beautiful, aren't they!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Campers

by Keith

Tom and his F-250!
And why would Tom not be happy?? He's sitting in his brand new F-250 Power Stroke pickup!

Tom and Dianne are camping at the CoE park at Thomson, IL, which is about ten miles NE of Clinton, IA. Pat and I took advantage of the nearness (110 miles) and drove over to visit them yesterday.

We missed them last winter, as they remained home in Illinois while Tom underwent medical treatments. I'm thrilled to report that "all is well" according to a recent checkup. They are hopeful that the December checkup will be equally positive. If so, they'll head straight for Rockport 35 RV Park!

Dianne and Tom Carl
Tom and Dianne recently traded their Winnebago motorhome for a Cougar fifth-wheel. They shared the warmth of it on the cold, windy, day.

It was great visiting these helpful and active friends from the Park!

Dianne, Pat, and Tom
The pumpkin pie was good, too!

First comment:
"Tom does not have right leg crossed.  Dick C."
Keith's comment:

Dick probably meant to say, "...correct leg crossed."  
Tom has always been a leader and, even though retired, sees no reason to change. In a few short months, the entire world will be putting their right leg over their left when crossing them.
It's good to see that three weeks in the hospital did not lessen Dick's keen ability to observe! 


Update from Marcus

by Keith, from Marcus:

"I am in the healing process now but I have to endure one more surgery on my hand to add a bone graft on my little finger.  I have two great doctors and hopefully I will be in good shape down the road."


Joe and Carolyn On The Way

by Keith, from Joe:

"We are just about packed and will be heading south this morning and will arrive at Rockport around the 10th of Nov."


Friday, October 14, 2011

Testing a New Feature

by Keith


I hit delete, with the intent of deleting one item. Instead, it deleted all three of my items, including this one.

I'll try it again in a day or two.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Geoff Update

by Keith, from Pam

Geoff is now at home & doing well.

He has a nurse come daily to change dressings etc,has to go to see the surgeon to take out staples & for a check-up on oct 24th.

We are waiting to see the results of two lymph nodes that were removed & praying they will be benign.

Geoff has a problem with not being able to do much around the house-but he's coping!!!!!!!!!!!!& looking forward to travelling south in the new year.

Thinking of our "winter Texans" & praying for all who have had health problems.

Pam Weager


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goeff's Surgery

by Keith (Written by Pam a few days ago, forwarded by Allison, published by Keith)

Hi Folks,

Sorry haven't been in touch for a while-been hectic here.

Geoff  Weager
Taken Feb, 2010
Geoff had his surgery on Thursday 6th & all went well(Praise the Lord) The surgeon managed to save the nerves, he did find two lymph nodes which he removed & has sent to be analized-which we won't have a report for 10-14 days-so we will continue to pray they are benign.

He is now in good spirits and continuing to improve & maybe home Sunday afternoon, we will know more when I visit today-he will have a nurse visit at home for a while & has to have a catheter in for 2 weeks.

I am waiting to go see a cardiologist on Oct 25th as I was having quite a lot of my "spells" as I call them(heart racing)My physician has put me on digoxin in the meanwhile & that and much prayer seems to be working.

How all this will affect us with the medical travel insurance, as yet we don't know-Geoff however says we are coming down anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that would be sometime in January-will keep you informed, as we know.

Hope all is well with you & Tony-will continue to remember you in Prayer.

Did check RV35 blog & have been praying for others.

Please feel free to pass our news along when you can.

I'll keep in touch when able

In Christ's love

Note: Pam's email address is


Marcus in Auto Accident

by Keith, with help from Allison and several others

September 20, Marcus was injured in an accident. Marcus was a Workamper at Rockport 35 RV Park for one or two years a few years ago.

Here's his report:

On date listed I was a passenger in this vehicle.  Somehow I survived with a broken right leg and a badly crushed right hand.  I have to go through two more surgeries next Wednesday.  I move around on a wheelchair cannot use crutches because of my hand.
     I am looking at a long period of time to heal and rehab.  I am typing with my left hand.  Do not expect much email from me.
    The good Lord allowed me my life which I am thankful.
     My spirit is positive and will take one day at a time.

Tundra in which Marcus was injured.

The accident happened September 15 between Fredericksburg and Bandera as Marcus and Dan, owner of the Tundra, were returning from a golf outing.

Marcus was in the front passenger seat and was the most injured, which, given the picture above, is no surprise. The driver was not seriously injured.

An oncoming car was going to hit them. There was no right side of the road so the driver made a hard left turn to avoid a head-on collision. The other car, at the same time, made a hard right turn.

Other photos show that several airbags were deployed upon impact.

We hope that Marcus is able to hang onto his positive spirit and heal quickly and completely.


Friday, October 7, 2011


Earlier this week, I posed this question, a question I have asked several times but have never gotten an answer to:

How do you decide whether to use Seran wrap (or equivalent) or aluminum foil to cover something?

If you're not an engineer, this probably has not been a big issue for you. But for me ---well, you know the story.

I asked for answers, knowing that the Rockport 35 RV Park folks would certainly come through with some. They did!

But when I was posting them, either this website played a horrible trick on me, or I clicked the wrong button. In any event, the entire post was deleted so this is a reconstruction. (Guess which one of those events caused it!)

Here are the responses:

Dianne had this to say:

You are so right, Keith, I’ve never given it a second thought.  Guess it’s just instinct to some extent for women.  Actually, I usually cover leftovers with Saran Wrap that I want Rick to see. This way he can find them easier in the fridge when he wants a little something to munch on when I’m unavailable.  However, foil works best to cover foods I don’t want him to get into, especially desserts – out of sight, out of mind.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Then Rick commented:

Dianne asked me this question. I said use Seran wrap unless you are putting the dish in the oven. I think I got this question right.

I even heard from my buddy out in Oregon. We work together on the Hitchhiker Owners website. (He works, I do the "together" part.) He's a retired fireman. They do the cooking while on duty, so Gary is an expert cook. Leave it to him to come through with a technical answer!

"The answer depends on the food and how you'll reheat it."


What it's best for: If you're refrigerating something smelly, foil creates a stronger barrier to keep odors in. Just be sure to seal as tightly as possible. Foil is also ideal if you'll be reheating the food in a conventional oven, since it can withstand heat.

Tips for using: It's a good idea to wrap a snug layer of foil around plastic-wrapped foods you plan to freeze (like meat in its unopened packaging), because it keeps out oxygen, which causes freezer burn. Definitely don't use it in the microwave, and never wrap acidic foods, like tomatoes and berries, in foil. The acids react with the aluminum, leaving a harmless but unsightly blue residue.


What it's best for: Acidic foods and other fresh foods, like sandwiches and cut produce.

Tip for using: To keep foods such as apples and avocados from turning brown, press the plastic against any exposed surfaces. And when you're using a dry marinade or spice rub, you can speed up the rate of absorption by snugly wrapping the meat between two sheets of plastic wrap. 

There, now we all know! Aren't you glad I 
asked the question! 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dick Carlson - Home, Finally

by Dianne

For those of you who have not heard, Dick Carlson returned home yesterday after a lengthy stay at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit - four weeks actually.

Doctors removed one tumor and a bile duct but were unable to completely remove the second tumor. Pathology reports indicate that the samplings are cancerous.

His doctors from Henry Ford had a meeting to discuss findings and recommended follow up treatment. This report will be forwarded to Dick's family doctor to help in determining the best treatment plan.

At this point, they have not received a "staging" category and do not know when or what type of treatment will be initiated.

Dick welcomes phone calls from his family and winter Texan friends. And, as always, your prayers for his complete recovery are also welcome.


Joe's Boat Sank

I received this email from Joe Eger yesterday:

"Last night we had winds around 60 mph all night as a result the waves came over the transom and down she went."

Here's the evidence:

 Please note that the canvas awning is intact!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Update - Dick Carlson

Dick had surgery on Wednesday and is doing fine. Yes, he has been in the hospital since the last posting (24 days so far). Surgery was postponed because of an infection that needed attention first.

The doctors ended up taking out the bile duct along with the blockage. I understand there are 3 ducts to the liver so this shouldn't be a problem. Now, all that is needed is for everything to be working as it should and for him to regain his strength before being released. Hopefully, the middle next week.

He is up for short walks and that's a good thing. Will keep you posted as to his release.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Audrey Update #1

from Allison on September 13

Al JUST called.
The doctors believe Audrey broke her pelvis and THEN she fell.

The good news is:
The break is clean so no surgery needs be done.

She WILL stay in hospital for 3 days and THEN 6-8 weeks at either
Oak Crest or Gulf Point Plaza.

She will be taught in Physical Therapy to bear weight on her LEFT leg--the opposite side to the fracture. THEN she will be assisted to gradually begin bearing more weight on the right.

They are feeding her today, the NPO sign is down (since no surgery)
and Audrey and Al are feeling better! YEAH!


Show and Sell

from Allison

Notice to Crafters, Woodcarvers, Painters

Join us in hosting a craft sale
Saturday, December 3.
Bring all those beautiful things
you do so well!

We'll be kicking off Christmas—or
for some of you, the 'Holidays'—
Hope you'll join us!

We plan to post flyers at area RV parks
and businesses.

Kathy Swanson
Carol Hanson
Carol Dietrich



Monday, September 12, 2011

The Migration Begins Soon

from Allison

Audrey Steffens fell in her house this morning and broke her pelvis! She is at Christus Spohn to stabilize and then we'll see what they do. This makes me SO sad!

Heard from Helen Fahlsing this afternoon—she'll be rolling in on Friday.

Connie and Ron will be here Oct 1 or 2.

Bob Foslien and Larry and Sherry Lammers will be here somewhere around the 15th.

Richard Burris will be back mid-Oct, as well.

The faithful are gathering ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great News !

By Dianne

I just spoke with Gelene who was so happy to share the great news -- Bob was released from the hospital. Just one day short of a long three week stay. Their son, Chad, and Gelene's brother are on their way to help get them home. They'll take the truck and 5th wheel and Gelene will drive Bob in their car.

Both are looking forward to being back home. As you can only image, they've missed their family and friends a bunch.

Glad to hear this great news. Have a safe trip home, friends.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Dick Carlson's Condition

from Allison

Many of you may know that Dick Carlson has been in hospital because of a 1" tumor at the intersection of the bile duct. Lucille has, of course, been with him and, on Monday, several biopsies were taken to determine if the tumor is malignant.

Many prayers to our Master Physician  have ascended on behalf of Dick and Lucille and their family. The verdict is in and the tumor is NOT malignant!!!


Doctors have inserted a drain to drain off the bile salts which are making Dick yellow and itchy. 

Now, please pray for Dick to regain strength enough to go home where he will build yet more strength of body so he can have surgery to remove this growth.

Pray, too, for Lucille to be strong and held in God's perfect peace.  Lucille has an appointment next week to see a doctor because of severe back pain.  Please keep her lifted up in prayer.

Thanks to all of you prayer warriors. 


God never said the journey would be easy;
but that the arrival will be worthwhile!

8:00 PM Update:

I just talked with Lucille via Skype. She said Dick is already showing improvement from the drainage. He's starting to get his sense of humor back and his arms are getting pink instead of yellow.

The surgery to remove the troublesome tumor is planned for next Wednesday or Friday.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Memorial Service for Donna Lackore

by Keith

To listen to an audio recording of the memorial service, click on the link below. However, I suggest that you right click on the link, then select "Open link in new tab" or "Open link in new window." If you do it that way, you can remain on this page and look at the pictures, as the audio is on a different website.

Click here to hear a recording of the service for Donna Lackore.

The service was at Pilot Knob Lutheran Church, a small, very attractive, church out in the country between Clear lake and Forest City (home of Winnebago Industries). This building is only nine years old. The previous building was burned by an arsonist. It was one of four churches torched within a month in that general area.

Pilot Knob Lutheran Church

One of two display areas with family pictures

Floral tributes from Donna's family

The church was just large enough; six empty chairs!

The altar area

Gene bidding Pat goodbye


Thanks Keith for that very moving service for Donna.

Marv and I spent many winters with both Gene and Donna, and it brought back so many memories of singing in the church services,and other functions we enjoyed doing together.

When the service included the hymn, ''It took a miracle'' I couldn't hold back the tears as I remember the times that Allison and I sang that song.

I also rejoice in knowing that Donna is free and singing that very song.

God is faithful.

Love to you Gene.

Bev and Marv.