Monday, February 16, 2015

Cross Strung Brings Superb Talent

by Keith

Cross Strung Brings Superb Talent to Rockport

Wednesday, February 25, 2015, Wilderness Oaks residents have the opportunity enjoy a great evening of music! Cross Strung brings superb talent to Rockport that day!  Cross Strung will be performing at Lagoons RV Resort at 7 PM.

Cross Strung isn't "just another family band"—although they are just that: a family band. Or, to look at it another way, Cross Strung is a goup of very talented musicians.

I'm not a New York Times music critic or anything close to it, but I do believe the musical knowledge and skill of Cross Strong is the greatest of any group working the Winter Texan circuit down here in the Rio Grand Valley.

And they are also great entertainers! They'll keep you interested for the entire evening!

Some performers are skilled but somehow haven't figured out how to turn their technical skills into entertainment. Not so with Cross Strung!

They'll probably do some blue grass, some gospel, some Celtic, and who knows what else. If you're a music lover, make plans now to attend their one show in Rockport!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wilderness Oaks a Long Way Down

by Keith Williams

Wilderness Oaks from Above

[caption id="attachment_760" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Photo of Wilderness Oaks. Wilderness Oaks from about 4,000 feet[/caption]

Wilderness Oaks from about 4,000 feet! How'd that happen? (No, I haven't been flying.)

Pat and I have friends in high places. Well, that's where they are on their day off. Jay and Mary Honeck own and manage Amelia's Landing motel in Port Aransas. They work hard and when they have a day off, they jump into their little red airplane (RV-8A) and head somewhere; anywhere!

Today they went to Palacios to fill the plane with gas ---at only $3.60/gallon, the lowest Jay has paid for avgas in years. (In the recent past, $6/gallon was not uncommon.)

Noticeable Differences

It looks like the new bridge is at least mostly constructed. Perhaps it is open to traffic.

It's also obvious that the park, Wilderness Oaks, is full, or nearly so. What a change from when we left three years ago! I presume that means even more friendly folks enjoying their stay there.