Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let It Snow ---back home!

Pat enjoying Alabama
Finally all the routine doctor and dentist appointments were completed on November 15 and we were on the road at 7:20 the 16th.

Our first destination: Wales West RV Park and Light Railway near Silverhill, Alabama. We arrived there 4:30 the second day out. It was the easiest trip south ever. Great weather, including no headwind, and no huge cities to traverse made the drive pretty pleasant.

So now we are all set up at our new spot. And eager to explore the area. We note that there is a battleship in Mobile Bay calling us to visit it. And of course we must hit the Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola!

I'll be Workamping here for a month. Then we'll head further south—to Rockport 35 RV Park, of course—to spend Christmas and the next three months with the friends we've met and enjoyed there the past six years.

Actually, we met 35 RV friends here! Mike and Joy spent one winter at the park, a few winters ago. Then they headed off to Iowa to Workamp at Adventureland. Now they have "graduated" to running a CoE campground in Tennessee and are wintering here this year. It's much nearer to relatives with ailments than Rockport is.

Mike, Joy, Pat, Keith
This park is actually a mini theme park, the subject being narrow-gauge railways. They have a 2' gauge system and a 7.5" gauge system. The larger has a steam engine!

If I'm really lucky, I might become a real engineer during our stay!


Where've You Been, Keith?

I've been accused of not being very visible on my home-town blog. Of course those who read this blog are far to polite to make such a comment.

But it is true; I've not been writing much for some weeks. Why??

Well, certainly and thankfully not because I am not feeling well! I feel great, sleep well, and have had NO complications from the stomach surgery back in June. As far as I'm concerned, I'm fully recovered and that problem is fixed.

And it isn't because I've been working too much. But I did have a flight student in late September and early October who had lots of hours and no license. I worked with her for a couple of weeks; problem solved. She's now a Private Pilot and my record remains intact: NO failures with the examiner.

So what was I doing?? Well, first of all, I'm retired. Most of you know that it takes retired folks longer to do anything than it does busy, working, people.

And we did take one day off to meet Tom and Dianne for lunch and a tour of their new 5er. But that absolutely was NOT time wasted. Besides, I duly reported it right here in this blog.

We were anxiously awaiting this trip, so we were "getting ready" for a few weeks.

Hey, know what? There is no way that I can logically explain how "busy" I was and didn't have time to write.  Maybe I just needed a little break, or some material; who knows.

But the winter season is now upon us. Perhaps I'll do better, with your help.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the Road with Good News

by Dianne

A little update on Dick and Lucille. Dick had his follow-up CT scan and blood test this past Tuesday and the results are all good. The doctor called them on Wednesday and said she has never seen anything like this before, but then she said, she isn't God. The two tumors in his liver appear to be gone and there are no signs of any cancer in his blood. We thank God for the touch of his healing hands.

So on Thursday they hooked up the 5th wheel and headed out for Rockport. Talked with them this morning (Saturday) and they are in the Baton Rouge area. They said "we're not going to rush, going to take our time" but from the distance they've covered already we think our definitions of "not rushing" are totally different.

We pray for their continued safe travels and look forward to joining them in a few weeks.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Surgery for Bev

by Dianne

For those of you who may not have heard, Bev Nagelkerke had surgery yesterday to remove a screw from a previous back surgery that was pressing on a nerve causing pain in her right leg. Marv said the surgery was a success and Bev is doing well and resting. At this point they're not sure if there will be any negative effects to the nerve area but they are hopeful it will relieve her leg pain. They actually took out 2 screws and according to Marv they resembled lag screws about 2 inches long -- stainless steel of course.

I've heard of lag screws but not sure if I'd recognize one so I Googled it. The definition I found -- lag screw - a heavy woodscrew with a square or hexagonal head that is driven in with a wrench. All I can say is OUCH!!

Bev, we're glad to hear you're surgery went well and that you are doing OK. We are wishing you a complete, speedy recovery with no negative results and looking forward to seeing you soon.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carlsons are Busy

by Keith, from Dianne

"Thought after my daughters wedding that things would settle down but that is not the case.  I love having the kids and grand kids just 4 miles from us since it allows us to be such a big part of their lives and keeps me busy. Up at 6 to get the young ones ready for school so they don't have to go to day care before school starts, picking them up after school until dad can get them after work.  They have soooo much energy.  Doctor, dentist appts -- Mimi's taxi service is on the go.  Outdoor fall projects to finish up with the yard/garden.  
Had a strong wind storm that took shingles off the 14 yr old roof - found a close match and my brother did the repairs. He's a jack-of-all-trades. 
Now it's packing time for the RV and getting ready for Christmas. Ours is Dec. 3rd and we'll be heading for TX the following week.  Looking forward to that. 
Got a question....  Do you have a picture of Bernie Cox?  (Sadly, I do not. Sorry. Keith) We remember the couple who rode motorcycles but just cannot recall their faces. Just wondering. 

Dianne Thought you might enjoy this video:

Keith's comment:

I've watched two extreme videos this morning. The one above shows the natural beauty of the California shore and of some of God's neat creations.

The other was of a robot, man made, actually riding a bicycle! Now that was a challenge! And would you believe that it was done by the Japanese?


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Party Well, Early Arrivees!

by Keith

We who haven't hit the road yet will simply miss out on the Welcome Back party. It's this Saturday at six.

Some parts of Iowa had a bit of snow yesterday, so Helen missed out on that. But sooner or later, it is bound to come. We hope we're not here on that special day!

So to those already there, party well and have an extra sip of punch for the rest of us!

We'll be there by Christmas!


Rockport Judge Makes National TV

by Keith

Today and tonight, "a Texas judge" was shown on TV disciplining his daughter with a belt or something like a belt. I saw it on the ABC Nightly News at 5:30.

I noticed that the building in the background had the sign "Aransas County Annex" or something close to that. I go past that building every Sunday when at Rockport 35 RV Park!

Google, of course, to the rescue! The judge and his family (who don't live together now) are from Rockport.

Here's one of many, many, many, articles on the story:


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: An Explanation and Solution

Do you understand what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about? I don't either.

I thought it was just a bunch of folks who were against everything, and they concluded that corporations represented "everything" so that's what they were protesting.

Here's a 3 1/2 minute video in which one person gives his view. Better yet, he offers a solution!

Learn and Enjoy!