Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

by Keith

Christmas at the park was always a great time for us! (Well, except for that one time when, as Terry says, Pat took her "Christmas trip" on the way to the Christmas Eve service.)

The food was great, of course, but the friends with whom we dined were far more important. What wonderful and enjoyable folks! Even though many of the diners have moved on, Pat and I still pleasantly remember them and the good times together.

Pat & Keith Williams
Christmas Day, 2013

I'm pleased to report that we are in fine health. (That means "fine health" for folks our age, of course!)

Pat has made two little stuffed knit animals already this winter. I've spent my time working on websites and trying to grow our AMSOIL business. (Trying successfully, I might add!) 

Music is very "available" here in Mission and we take advantage of it: Friday afternoon we often go to a polka jam and in the evening our park has a country jam. We love music!

To all, we wish a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you again, whenever and wherever that may be.


Monday, December 23, 2013

RIP Bandit

by Dianne

Our Bandit
Just want to let all of our friends from the park, who know our “boys”, especially those who no longer come back to the park, that we had to have our Bandit put down on 12/16/13.  He had been ailing for awhile before we left home and we were hoping that the meds the vet prescribed would help alleviate his pain so he could continue to enjoy life. That was not the case and so we had to make that ever-so-difficult decision that pet owners face at some point in their lives and that was to do what was best for our Bandit. He was a big brother to Buddy and even taught him how to point like a bird dog. He was a great dog and wonderful companion to Rick, Buddy and me.  We miss him very much but know that he is resting peacefully now and that gives us comfort.

A Joint Effort

by Dianne

This is a common site in the park as more and more winter Texans return for their reprieve from the harsh winter weather they’ve left behind. If not the day they pull in, assuming they get in early enough, then at least by the very next day their RV unit and vehicle will be washed from top to bottom and end to end. Such was the case for Jim and Pat Whitten who arrived on the 19th.

Jim washing his RV with a smile. Glad to be here.
This is not a written law in any camping book or park rules, it is just something men “must” do as soon as they can manage. The road grime and salt residue is just not a pretty site and probably not good for the finish on their traveling residence. And, besides that, they just don’t like it.

Pat making those windows sparkle.
The wives do their part by unpacking dishes, pots/pans, and precious breakables and rearranging the RV’s inside into livable space again. They also put that added sparkle here and there as demonstrate by Pat.

Yes, getting your home away from home back to looking spiffy is indeed a joint effort.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Update on Lucille Carlson

by Dianne

Just a quick update on Lucille. As many of you know, Lucille fell earlier this evening when she was getting off her bike up at the Club House. The large goose egg on the back of her head suggested she be seen by medical professionals. Therefore, Rick and his dad took her to Aransas Pass ER (Urgent Care was closed).

I just received this call from Rick at 10 pm.  They did a CT scan and found there was no fracture and are sending her home.  This is good news.  Hopefully, she will be back up at the Club House tomorrow to play MahJong with the rest of the players.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Website for Wilderness Oaks RV Resort

by Keith

Less than one week after the transfer of ownership, there's a new website for the park! You can view it at . (The former address,, will also get you there, but I suspect that redirection is temporary.)

If you're suggesting that friends view the site, tell them to go to "" as that one is the official one and is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

The new site is professionally done and shows off the park well.

This site, the unofficial blog site, will remain at, at least for now. That address is redirected to the "real" site, which is a blogspot site at I tried to change that to reflect the new name. The blog disappeared and I didn't want that and assume that you do not want it, either. Therefore, the real URL for this site will remain as it has been since the beginning.

Speaking of the beginning, I'm not sure of the date but the statistics show that there have been over 800 posts by Dianne or me, sometimes with help from other guests.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Pat's First Project Completed

by Keith

Even though Pat isn't there to enjoy crafts with the talented fingers at Wilderness Oaks, she is still at it on her own.

She just finished the first project of this Winter: a knit kangaroo and her joey. He's a cute little fellow.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The End of an Era

by Keith

Rockport 35 RV Park Is No More!

Yesterday was the last day for Rockport 35 RV Park. The park was sold to Michael Schmidt. The deal was closed yesterday.

Allison and Tony owned the park for over a decade, including each of the seven winters Pat and I spent there. The passing era was filled with great social events, wonderful food, and the friendship of dozens of wonderful people whom we still consider friends.

There was a "hard core" cadre of guests who returned year after year. We grew into that group and appreciated being accepted. Others came and went, which is usual for RVers. (That's one reason we are RVers, isn't it!) Some of the "regulars" dropped out as the years passed due to health, age, desire for new adventures, desire to avoid unpleasantness, or even being asked to leave. And, sadly, some passed away.

Of course the physical park still exists, as do the people who have or do spend time there. Because of this, this blog can still serve the purpose of helping keep us connected.

But what do I call it? For the time being, I won't change the info in the header: " from Rockport 35 RV Park." That's what it was when we were there and probably what all our friends from those days recognize it as. And its location in cyberspace,, will not change. At least not for now.

However, this is looking to the past. I prefer to look to the future. I'd like to come up with a new park blog today, referencing the new name, Wilderness Oaks, in some appropriate way. (It won't happen today, but it would be nice if it could.) That would give the new owner and manager a definite break from the past era and the fresh start they deserve. How I actually deal with this will require a bit of thought. (Your suggestions are welcome!)

Pat and I wish the new team success and joy in this new adventure. We know the "regulars" who are there and know that they will do everything they can to make you feel welcome to the park and to feel "at home" in no time.


Monday, December 2, 2013

A Great Shopping Experience

by Keith

Fair Warning:
This post is a bit of a commercial, but if you act on its suggestion it just might make your life easier!

What could be easier than doing your Christmas shopping while just sitting at your computer and selecting from thousands and thousands of items? There's no need to drive to the mall or store, find a parking place, then brave the crowds —only to find the color or size or product you wanted is not in stock.

Solve that by shopping at Just click their ad over to the right and you'll be on the way!

Advantages of shopping at

  • HUGE selection of products (they're not just books these days!)
  • Speedy delivery and it's often free
  • Prices are often lower than store prices
  • Delivered right to your door or mailbox
One example: A month ago, Amazon offered gift cards with free next-day delivery. Pat and I ordered a few for Christmas presents. (We give Christmas presents, not Holiday presents!) Sure enough, the next afternoon they were delivered to our front door!

I know many of our Rockport 35 RV Park friends already shop at And many people shop there frequently, sort of like a weekly trip to Wal*Mart. My goal: convert them to going to the website by clicking on an amazon ad on this website.

If they do that, and make a purchase, I'll enjoy a small commission!