Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Day for the Dogs

Last week, the Second Annual Hot Diggity Dog event was held here at Rockport 35 RV Park and Resort. The weather, dogs, and owners all cooperated to make an interesting and enjoyable social event for both man and his best friend.
The crowd cheers on their favorite
Diana's little friend won the Best Dressed Dog competition.

If there had been a competition for Best Behaved Dog, all would have won as the dogs and their owners were all on their best behavior.

Judy and friend.
Judy, from the Kansas City area, was early in the parade. Both showed off their colors admirably.

Professional Judge Tom and his able crew of Bud and Pat had a tough job, but came through with a list of winners in several categories. And every dog went home with a treat package, as the organizers had made certain that every entrant was properly rewarded.

The judges and show announcer.
Announcer Gene rivaled the announcer at the Westminster Dog Show in his ability to keep the crowd informed.

Bill and HeidiOh yes, Bill and Heidi, always popular fixtures here at 35 RV. But now, about a week after this picture was taken, Heidi is back home in St. Paul. I sure hope Bill doesn't lose her in the snow!

And here's Tony with Sapphira and Malakai. Since it was Saturday, Tony felt he could take a little while off from his duties of keeping the park in tip-top shape for our enjoyment.

Tony++There you have it: pictures from the 2008, second annual, and becoming famous Rockport 35 RV Park Dog Show! Will there be a 2009 version? Probably, but you better be here to know for sure!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Computer Help Sessions on Tuesday

Just a reminder: Each Tuesday at 2:00, there is a Computer Help Session in the clubhouse.

Keith, aided greatly by DeVere, will try to answer your questions or solve problems or teach you a new trick or two about computing, the internet, email, photos, whatever. We try to help everyone who comes.

So far, a lot of folks on the park have gotten the help they've needed to enjoy their computers more. Can we help you? Show up on Tuesdays and give us a try.

This is your chance to benefit from decades of the trial-and-error experiences of these two guys at no cost!!!

It's a Day for the Dogs!

Saturday, February 23, is fast approaching. That's the day for Rockport 35 RV Park's Hot Diggity Dog show and social time.

Bill and Roger's dogs: Heidi and Maximillian.

There'll be white dogs like Heidi and Maximillian shown above.

There'll be black dogs. Some will be small dogs with tall owners, like Richard shown below.

Richard and black dog.

But my favorite of all will be the hot dogs! Bring your own and cook 'em the way you like 'em. Meet new friends, both animal and human, and have a great time in this definitely informal setting!

Free! Free! Free!

Get a bag of chips free! Nothing to send in!

Just go to the link below and print your coupon. Then take it to your favorite grocery store and pick out your flavor. We got our bag at H.E.B. Wal*Mart might have them here, I don't know. (In general, they do carry these chips.)

Here's the link:

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Better yet, leave a comment or write an article!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog Coming!

Saturday, February 23, marks the second annual dog show at Rockport 35 RV Park. This will be the peak of the social season for the park dogs, to be sure.

If you are one of the few dogless residents, come anyway and enjoy your four-footed neighbors. They'll parade around, some in costume and some not. But all with proud owners, anxious to show them off.

After the parade, some will do tricks. And some will not do tricks, even though their owners thought they would. One can never tell what will---or won't---happen!

After the formalities, we'll have our "dogs" ---hot dogs, brats, whatever! The grills will be hot, so bring what you want and cook it the way you want it cooked.

This will be another fun event at Rockport 35 RV Park, so come mingle with your friends and neighbors at this very informal gathering of man and beast.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Review of Social Events

A lot has happened at the park since the last post. Here's a quick listing:
  • Lena and Dennis were married.

  • Step of Faith ministered at Sunday services.

  • The annual Fish Fry was a resounding success.
Now for some details:


Lena & Dennis
Allison performed the first wedding ceremony to be held at Come-As-You-Are Church, the church located right here on the park. Lena and Dennis tied the knot in an appropriate ceremony before many of the park's residents.

Jeanie served as ring bearer and did a great job, as she does with each of the many tasks she takes on here at the park. Charlotte and others decorated the hall in a "heart red" motif.

Step of Faith

Wayne and Dee, the Step of Faith duo who have been in the park for some weeks, have moved on to minister to different folks from a different home base.

We were fortunate to have them return this past Sunday to deliver the message at "our" Come-As-You-Are Church. They announced that they plan to take their unique ministry of song and word to five states which they have not visited this summer.

Fish Fry

Last Friday evening, the social event of the season was enjoyed by 128 park residents. The frying, serving, eating, and program went off very smoothly, largely due to two factors:
  1. Beautiful weather, and

  2. Excellent planning by Bev, Linda, Karen, and Carole.
Of course without the contributions of fish by resident fisherpeople, there would be no fish fry so we are all grateful to them for sharing. Cliff contributed at the "Platinum level" and closing rapidly on catching his 2,000th fish this season.

Tony headed up a great facilities crew to ready the hall for the event. And a group of great folks manned the cookers and kitchen so that we all went away with well-satisfied tummies.

Ron and his guitar.After the dinner, several residents shared their talents with their friends and neighbors. Ron favored the crowd with a few great songs from the past. Newcomer to the 35 RV entertainment scene was Carl, who sang his original composition Full-timing in a Motorhome to the delight of the RVers.

And the fish stories contest must not be forgotten! Emcee Keith Williams announced that both amateur and professional liars were encouraged to participate. And participate they did! Chief Judge Tom awarded first prize to Russ for a true story about the big one.

If you missed the fish fry this year, ask your neighbor about it and make plans now to attend the 2009 version!