Monday, July 21, 2014

"Users" Deleted

by Keith Williams

Many, many people register as Users of this site, Sadly, a huge percentage of them are phony. They have no connection with the park or its people. They register because they believe it will give their business an advantage by having their email, or possibly a link, buried in this site. Or they register just because they have nothing better to do.

The site is set up so that anyone can register. We want legitimate folks (those folks who have some interest, curiosity, or connection with Wilderness Oaks) to register so they can comment on articles which appear on the site. Those people have an interest in the park and we have an interest in them. They are most welcome to register!

On the other hand, if you are not in that category please do not waste your time registering!

Each month, roughly a thousand folks try to register. Most are prevented from doing so by mechanisms I've engaged on the site. But some are allowed to register. I just deleted 66 of those registrations! I

f you've been deleted inadvertently, please send me an email requesting re-registration and I'll work to make it happen.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fly Bys

It’s no secret that our friendly Wilderness Oaks RV Resort Park is next to Aransas County airport. There are helicopters flying every morning and evening taking men out and bringing them back from the oil rigs on the Gulf. We also have plane flyovers regularly from the student pilots getting their training and fly hours in for their licenses. This short video was taken as a Navy training plan flew over our place down on 5th street.

Some people might think this would be a deterrent from spending winters at Wilderness Oaks. Well nothing could be further from the truth. We have met so many wonderful, friendly, fun people while camping there, it brings us back year after year. Of course, the beaches are nice, the fishing is great, and everyone loves the local activities too. Each year when we come back and reconnect with our Winter Texan friends, it’s like coming home to family. We truly look forward to it and I’m sure all our Winter families feel the same.

Plane Video

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hi and FYI from Sandy Bulawa

Got an email from Sandy June 19 with the following message.

"Hi and just an FYI. I had my surgery a week ago and all is going well. I'm walking mainly on my own, Keep a cane handy just in case. I had the Anterior approach procedure, thus no cutting of the muscles, just spreading them to get it all done. I've had very little pain, mainly just muscle soreness. I do a series of exercises twice a day on my own and in 6 weeks will be able to do any activity I did before. Fran has been a good caregiver and now knows where every thing is in the kitchen. God is good and life is good. So if anyone is coming our way, be sure to stop in, remember we have hookups and bedrooms. See you all next winter if not before.