Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful Creatures in the Sea

by Keith

Julee's at it again! She sent me a link to the video below.

This video was taken during dives near Fiji. It shows jillions of God's creatures. Some large, some small, some beautiful, some so ugly that one wonders if even their mother loves them!

But they're all interesting! Take a look:

I love aquariums and this surely beats aquariums! Thanks, Julee!

By the way, if you click the little "box" at the lower right corner of the "black rectangle" the video will expand to full screen! For this video, I recommend that.


Friday, October 26, 2012

This Story is Just Ducky

by Julee, mostly, via Keith

Please start this story by watching this video:

Then read Julee's first-person account here:

True story - Tom and I had spent a week in Canada on the English River system in a cabin built into a hill surrounded by huge tall trees. We are packing up to leave on the last day, I am out on our deck.....I hear this duck quacking. [I knew what it was as I had mallard ducks as pets as a child..yes, I did].

Anyway, I look down 5 or so feet to the ground and sure enough there is the duck. As God is my wittiness, here they come, jumping out of this hole in the tree 40 feet above me.

I am screaming for Tom, I am catching as many as I could. They were not balls of fluff, they felt like kiwi's honestly. I was so scared they would just blow up when they hit the deck, the ground, the picnic table, mercy. One did get stuck head first between two boards on our deck.

 Well, she gathered those that made it and headed for the river, never looked back. Unbelievable.

I know how that guy felt!



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Memorial Service for Ron Hanson

by Allison, via Keith

Ron Hanson
Taken Dec. 24, 2009
Ron Hanson's memorial service:
Friday, October 26 at 6:30 p.m. at the Club House. 

Please check at the office for additional details.

If anyone can record the service in MP3 audio format and email it to me, I'll be glad to post it so those who are not now at the park can listen. That way many more can participate in remembering our friend Ron.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

About Those Ads....

by Keith

There are several types of ads displayed on this site. Most are an attempt on my part to derive some income from this site, which is provided at no cost what-so-ever to those interested in Rockport 35 RV Park.

The top ad is an exception. It is provided because I know that several of you like to purchase cards from Connie because they have very attractive pictures and appropriate comments and scripture verses inside. She's done a great job of commenting and selecting scripture to bring the appropriate message in a wide variety of circumstances.

You can never tell when a card from God's Glory Greeting Cards might make a significant difference in the recipient's day, week, month ---or eternity.

The ad immediately below the ad for Connie's Cards is an ad for Amazon. Specifically, it highlights what they consider the best deals of the day. You might not be interested in the specific things on the "deal" but the ad can still be useful.

Once you click on the ad, you'll be taken to Once there, you can go to any page (books, CDs, car parts, whatever). If you purchase anything, I will receive a commission as an "advertising fee." It's fairly small—maybe a dollar on a twenty-dollar book.

But if ten readers each ordered ten bucks worth of products after clicking the ad on this page in a month, I'd get enough to enjoy a meal off the value menu at McDonalds. And in a good month, I could order off the regular menu!

Did you know you can also order big (read expensive!) things from, too? Things like a 42" Vizeo TV! And they'll deliver it to your door!

And then I might be able to have lunch at Charlotte Plummer's!!

By the way, did you know that Amazon publishes reviews of products they offer? If you're searching for a product, you can use to learn what others think of many, many, products.

I use I know you use them, too, as I've seen the boxes with the smile piled up below the mailboxes in the office. Next time, please consider clicking on the amazon ad over there in the right column; I'd appreciate it.

G R E A T News from Allison!

by Allison, via Keith

Here's the message portion of an email I received yesterday from Allison:

Hallelujah time!
Monday's P.E.T. scan showed NO SIGN of DISEASE: LYMPHOMA!
Color us HAPPY!
Everyday I am better and better.
Discovering food allergies and stopping eating those things did wonders for me.
I know the website is down; but I don't have time to deal with it.
We are on our way to Cleveland tomorrow morning to celebrate Tony's Mother's 94th birthday.

I few hours later, an update arrived:

One thing I hadn't thought about in all of this:
I am like a newborn baby!
My bone marrow was WIPED CLEAN!
Therefore, about December 13, when I'm 6 months old,
They will begin to re-introduce to me my childhood immunizations.
'Hopefully, I won't have to have ALL of them?  I don't know.
Last November I got the Shingles vaccine--so, I guess once I've had
the chickenpox immunization they will re-give that.
I don't know; but I DO KNOW I don't want to have either Chickenpox
or Shingles!  Well, for that matter: ANY of the childhood illnesses.
Jesus Christ!
Yesterday, Today & Forever
Hebrews 13:8 

Pat would agree with you: NO ONE wants to get shingles. She's about to enter her third year of suffering from shingles. 

A Simple Way

by Keith

How's this for a simple and easy way to check your headlights and other lights on the front of your car, truck, or 'cycle:

When you're behind someone at a stoplight, turn you lights on and use the rear of the car ahead as a mirror! This works best if you're behind an SUV, station wagon, or pickup because of the large and relatively flat rear panel on those vehicles.

Check high and low beams, running lights, parking lights, and turn signals.

Then when you get home, check the lights visible from the rear the hard way!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Car Repair

by Keith

Some of you still try to do some of your own car repairs, I'm sure. Here's a little tip which might help you.

This company offers car parts and has many videos to watch which might help solve your problem.

On this one, I get no commission. I'm just posting it because it might be helpful.

When the window mechanism on Pat's Buick failed, I saved her over $400 by buying the part I needed from this company. (I'm still trying to collect at least part of that $400, by the way!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Iowa Beauty

by Keith

It's that time of year again, Autumn. It's my favorite time of year. October usually brings warm, sunny, skies and cool nights, some with a touch of frost.

And it brings beautiful leaves, especially in the NE corner of the state. This year, the colors are peaking one to two weeks earlier than normal, I've heard. And they might not be as brilliant as some years, both due to the exceptionally dry summer.

We plan to find out Wednesday, when we drive up and down the hilly, twisty, back roads to Prairie duChien, WI.

The most recent glacier missed the NE corner of Iowa and the SW corner of Wisconsin. Therefore, it didn't smooth out the hills and valleys left, and since eroded, by the next-to-the-last glacier. That leaves all those hills for us to enjoy today! Because of the steepness of the hills, much of the land can not be farmed with corn or beans so grass is grown. That means there can be lots of pastures and cows; dairying is big in the area.

Jordan's Grove Baptist Church
near Central City, Iowa
This picture was taken yesterday, less than 20 miles from home. I spotted this country church from the air several years ago. I've returned at least three times to photograph it from the ground. This is one of my better attempts. Click on it to enlarge it.

And just to prove that I have an eye for color, how about this house in Central City!
Colorful home in Central City, Iowa
Hopefully, I'll have some more pictures of Fall beauty to post after our drive Wednesday.