Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keeping Up With Karen

There is a great way to keep in contact with Karen and Bob as she undergoes treatment at M. D. Anderson and beyond. It's called CaringBridge.

This is a site designed to help folks who are ill or undergoing treatment to keep in touch with their friends and neighbors and vice versa. It is a combination guest book and newsletter, all available from that big computer in the sky called the Internet. And participation is free, although donations to keep the system going are accepted.

You will need to register on the site to view her section. All it takes is your email address and a password which you make up.

Once on Karen's page, you can check a box and you'll be sent an email each time Karen updates her page. It's a painless way to be kept in the loop of her activities.

Her website name on CaringBridge is "karenfoslien".

Some from the park have already posted messages in her guestbook. As we are now pretty much scattered all over the country, this will be a great way to keep in touch and encourage her and Bob as they proceed down a path with an undefined destination.

Here's the link:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home Safe & Sound

We were pleased that a few crocus were open to great us when we arrived home late yesterday, instead of snowbanks!

The first snow we saw was in a road ditch near Iola, KS—home of Bob and Joanne. the last (and most) we saw was along I-80 just east of Des Moines.

We went from Rockport 35 RV Park to Fredericksburg, where we stayed at the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park for $25/night with WES, subscription WiFi. This park is adjacent to the Fredericksburg airport, so we felt right at home!

Our plan was to leave there Tuesday morning, but the 24-hour flu or equivalent attacked Pat, so we stayed one more day and left Wednesday morning. That night, we stayed at the RV park at the Gainsville Outlet Mall, which is on I-35 north of Dallas. That is a great place to stay as it is both convenient and inexpensive: $15/night, WES, no WiFi!

Thursday we went to Chanute, KS, home of the Nu-Wa factory. They make HitchHiker trailers. I picked up a few parts at the factory and talked with a few of the people I'd wanted to meet for a long time.

Chanute has a convenient City Park for RVs. The first two night are FREE and $10/night after that, with WE. There's WiFi at the library.

Friday was the longest leg, 450 miles from Chanute to Cedar Rapids. Everything was fine when we arrived. The mail had been delivered, the basement was dry, the furnace was running, etc., etc.

Today we unloaded the trailer (mostly) and properly parked it.

We're tired!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The High Point---

----of our trip home so far must be my visit this afternoon to Luckenbach, Texas!

After being there, I would guess that every biker who has ever ridden in Texas has been there.

My interpretation: It was a small town. In the mid-1900s, a guy purchased the town and turned it into a tourist trap which doesn't seem too much like a tourist trap. It's a huge parking lot, a petty good sized dance hall, a general store (he old Post Office), and a stage or two or three outside where you can sit, listen to music, and ---oh yes!---drink beer.

You can check it out for your self here:

We plan to leave Fredericksburg and head for home in earnest tomorrow morning.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Season is Over

Our fifth season at Rockport 35 RV Park will end tomorrow morning. We're heading to Fredericksburg to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of that unique city for a few days before getting serious about heading to Cedar Rapids.

We've enjoyed spending three+ months with friends from previous years and with several new friends. Friends and neighbors at the park, we love you!

Pat's style was crimped by her broken wrist. We're pleased that yesterday she was declared "a good healer" by Dr. Tucker and sent on her way—without a cast for the first time in six weeks. Hooray!

But she still managed to complete several small beading projects and make progress on a Swedish weaving project she's been working on for years. There's still enough left for next year.

I've kept busy, helping folks with computer problems, holding weekly "computer help" sessions, and teaching two classes on Picasa, a picture editing program. I've also tried to keep this blog interesting and useful. A few statistics: 56 articles and 52 photos published during our stay this season.

I especially appreciate the help provided by those who provided pictures, comments, articles, or suggestions.

Remember, after tomorrow, I will be miles from Rockport 35 RV Park and miles from each of you. The only way I can know what's newsworthy, interesting, or just plain happening is if someone lets me know.

If you'd like to read an article about what your friends are doing, don't you think they'd like to hear about your activities? Sure they would.

The only way that can happen is if you let me know! Just send an email, or even phone me. I'll appreciate it and so will your friends.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Puppy Shower

As most of you know, Jeannie recently become the "mother" of an adorable puppy, "Sky."

Photo of Jeannie
This morning, the ladies of the park successfully executed a surprise Puppy Shower for Jeannie—and Sky, of course.

And Jeannie was indeed surprised! "For me??" she said just as this picture was snapped.

Photo of puppy named SkyJeannie is one of the most friendly, most willing, and most helpful residents here at Rockport 35 RV Park. Therefore, the ladies were thrilled to have a chance to show their respect and love for her. A cute and full-of-energy puppy came along and provided the perfect opportunity!

As with any good baby shower, there was plenty of talk, plenty of gifts, plenty of coffee, and cake!

Jeannie was an appreciative recipient and graciously thanked the ladies—sealing each thank you with a big "Jeannie hug" for each lady.

That's Jeannie!

The serving crew, above, had a great time cutting the cake.

Because of the specialness of the occasion, a large number of ladies from the park attended. They all felt it was great to have something special for Jeannie, as she does so much for the entire park.

Health Care Bill

Have you contacted your Representative and Senators today regarding the pending health care plan?

I have. I contacted them yesterday, too. I plan to contact them tomorrow, also.

How about you?

You can find your senators here:

I suggest contacting both of those who claim to represent you.

Your representative can be found here:

For best results, contact both of your senators and your representative. Then keep track of how well they represent your interest and use it as a guide for voting in the next election.

In theory, they represent you. In effect, they work for you. Therefore, you can hire and fire them; it's called an "election."

And they all have term limits. That, too, is called an "election."


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contact Your Senator and Representative

I've just finished emailing my Congressman and both Senators.

If you haven't done that yet today, and have feelings about the pending health care bill, now would be a great time for you to do the same.

This page will make it easy to email your representative:

Your senators can be emailed through this page:

And please don't forget to contact them tomorrow, too.

And the next day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ferry Record?

Yesterday, we took the Port Aransas ferry three times within an hour.

Wonder why? Ask Pat.

Geof Won!

After a month of playing, Geof won a game of pool last night! It made a perfect ending to a great day.

It was a hard-fought battle of 101. Keith=100, Geof=101 for the win!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Answers ... the question, "What do you do all the time down in Texas?"

Mary and Norman are taking advantage of today's absolutely beautiful weather to "just sit." Now this is nothing new for Norman; he's an accomplished sitter. I suspect he has to do a lot of it during the winter, as I don't think he does much of it back home in Coldwater, KS.

Gordon spends a lot of time carving wood during his stay at Rockport 35 RV Park. Here's his latest work-in-progress: a cardinal. It is fine looking, indeed!

How Much Did It Rain?

Last night's rainfall at Rockport 35 RV Park, Site 80, measured 0.2 inches.

I apologize to our international visitors, as I neglected to get the metric amount before I dumped it. Of course I could convert it, but that would require effort.