Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Today is the last chance this year for us to wish you a Happy New Year 2016 so that's what we're doing in this short article.

Happy New Year!

During he seven years we spent right there on Site 80, next to Gordon and Janet, we met many people and made some great friends. Truly, we miss them every day!

We have been saddened by the passing of several; Bob, Chet, Norman, and Karen come to mind.

Some have decided to stay closer to home, a decision many more of us will make as the years roll by. Marv and Bev are two of several in that category.

Since we left the park four years ago, the park has flourished—hopefully not because of our leaving! We're pleased that new guests are now enjoying many of the same people we came to love while eating and playing with them for seven years!

May all the parks guests, both former and current, enjoy a new year filled with good heath and enough happiness to make them thankful every day for their good fortune!

Happy New Year 2016!

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  1. Keith and Pat - Happy New Year to you also. I have enjoyed your information about the happenings in the park. Thanks for doing that.